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About EasyManage.com

EasyManage provides App Streaming based solutions for Free-flowing Apps, Content, Stories, Information. It's kind of a META app or hub, to exchange information & services across apps & users. Thereby offering a unified app experience.

With associated Low-Code application development platform, EasyManage is poised to drive Digital Transformation for Individuals & Businesses.

There is rapid path to migrate from legacy apps to Blockchain Distributed Apps using EasyManage technologies as bridge.


EasyManage.com is founded by a technocrat who spent 20 years in product development at various multi-nationals, much of it in silicon valley.

Sudhir Saraf Sudhir Saraf

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If you are a business enterprise, brand, start-up, technologist or investor. We would love to hear from you. Email usa@EasyManage.com for more information about our company.

info@EasyManage.com : To inquire about products, services and all general inquiries. For demo, buying a product or to request trial license and all sales inquiries.

support@EasyManage.com : To get support on technical problems and our service features.

Communication Address:

United States:
Email: usa@EasyManage.com
Phone/Voicemail: +1 (408) 663 9136

India | Pune :
1 Avanti, Alkapuri Socy, Paud Road,
Pune 411 029, India.

E-mail: info@EasyManage.com
Web Site: http://www.EasyManage.com



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