Benefits & Features
To Social & Consumers
EasyManage provides every consumer user & every social user
o Ability to manage interactions with Providers and Groups with ease
o Be More productive.

Story Communications
Story Communications for today's generation:

o Drag, drop, and share your Passe.
o Not just your messages, and files, but sories can be dropped right into EasyManage and shared with anyone you want.
o Build story archives, It’s all completely searchable.

Add comments, add analytical information, add self-notes in public conversations, for easy later reference.

If you use any services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, just use its URL link to include file in story.

Get All your stories in one place:

o Connect to all the providers on EasyManage, and avoid all that constant switching between provider apps.
o Providers will set up story integrations so that you get all your story communications directly within EasyManage-from their product catalog, promotion & discounts, product shopping order, support tickets—all of them searchable in one central archive.

Search your entire story archive:

o Everything in EasyManage—stories, apps, menus, form data, mails, is searchable so that you can have it at your fingertips whenever you want.
o With search options and a set of powerful search operators, which lets you search in time spans, you can slice and dice your way to that one data record, menu item, comment in your story communication haystack.

Increased productivity
Users get Increased productivity by:

o Reduce email
o Reduce follow-ups, telecalls with providers
o Get all In 1 place
- Add files, folders, documents, images,
- Add stories, app parts, emails, messages
- Connect ALL your providers apps in 1 place
- Providers can push story from their cloud interface
o Finding Information Easier

Reclaim Your Day
Social & Consumer Users:

o Make your Life simple, Less Busy, Less chaotic
o Reclaim your day. Less Calling, Less emails. Means Less Busy & More productive.
o Helping you enjoy a more pleasant, and more productive consumer life.

Make smarter, faster decisions:

It’s never been easier to find the information from contacts, groups or providers which you need to take action.

Discover interesting consumer opportunities:

o When you are searching for providers, from insights possible by shared stories.
o With the right story shared, you can find hidden opportunities you didn't know existed.

Teams & Groups:

o Collaborate better with other members
- Add app modules to conversation
- Quick consensus building
- Take action and notify others

Quickly arrive at consensus, act, and take advantage of opportunities with collaboration platform that adds analytical information to the conversation.

Coordinate efforts:

Ensure everyone is aware of (and responding to) opportunities across your group with shared stories and conversation

To Providers
Providers are any business providers, service or product sellers, consultants, agents, etc.

Providers Benefit with:
o Better relationships with customers
o Consumers Feel more connected to Providers
o Consumers get Increased transperancy to multi-fold, especially on behind the scene efforts you are taking for them, via shared story transcripts



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