EasyManage Blockchain Distributed Apps !*

Blockchain Distributed Apps
Blockchain application development tools that enables developers to build Distributed Applications using Low-Code Development.

Its key innovation is App Streaming technology and app sharding by which Blockchain Distributed Apps transform and store their data using "Distributed File Storage" but retain structured data and exact app contents.

Distributed Apps & EasyManage Difference
EasyManage provides blockchain distributed apps solutions to go with popular blockchain platforms. Along the way, EasyManage has been working on solving Interoperability, Scalability and size inflation issues of blockchain.

  • We have developed a technology called "sharding"-- a technique which would split the DApp into smaller pieces called "shards" to improve transaction speeds and maintain blockchain size inflation.
  • EasyManage blockchain DApps software tools are designed with sharding in mind from the get-go to address scalability.
  • EasyManage has been working on solving Interoperability issue. While some other projects are working on connecting different blockchains (protocols), EasyManage has been working on interoperability of DApps.
  • EasyManage has developed technology to facilitate DApps to be able to communicate with each other. This can happen on same blockchain or even different blockchains (if cross-blockchain is supported).
  • EasyManage has developed "App Streaming" which lets apps talk to each other, and where-in an app can be streamed to other receiver locations or to a storage location.
Blockchain Size and Searching:
  • Problem: All the data that applications write to the blockchain remain there forever. And its cumbersome to search. The explosive growth in the number of applications on the blockchain leads to a strong inflation of the blockchain in size.
  • Solution: Utilizing App Streaming technology, Blockchain Distributed Apps transform and store their data using "Distributed File Storage" but retain structured data and exact app contents. By separating app content into DFS, blockchain size is maintained.
  • EasyManage lets users maintain the application snapshots or copies in traditional cloud, offering faster searches. So users can utilize pure blockchain mode or mixed mode.
  • Another advantage of this approach is if you deleted app data or modified its contents you can store only the most current state of blockchain as follow-on transaction.
Some Features:
  • Users can post read-type ledger transactions. Or users can execute smart contracts where-in other parties will formulate and send response to your contracts.
  • EasyManage provides users with ability to share transactions and apps on P2P basis, Group basis, or broadcast to public basis.
  • Immutability gives the blockchain openness and Byzantine Fault Tolerance (BFT). EasyManage technology even permits immutable app snapshots in cloud. Users can choose to utilize blockchain mode where at most security, reliability and proof-of-origin is required.
  • EasyManage plans support for:
    - Private and Public blockchain ledger implementations. POW or POS models.
    - Initial planned supported environment is:
    - Quantum (Qtum), Ethereum VM smart contract, POS model.
Enperprises Migrate From Legacy to blockchain DApps faster:
  • There is rapid path to migrate from legacy apps to blockchain distributed apps using EasyManage technologies as bridge. EasyManage Low-Code Development helps build apps faster. And its Integration tools give a bridge to legacy apps for embracing new technologies.
Solutions (Use Cases)
Blockchain based Solutions Use Cases:
  • Businesses to Customer and Consumer Information & Experience (CX) Sharing.
  • Healthcare information and medical records platform.
  • Education & career information management, share transcript records, mark-sheets, certificates, degrees, evaluations, exam results, trainings, skill endorsements.
  • UGC, Reviews and Surveys via Smart Contracts.
  • Private Blockchain Networks by enterprises for sharing Personal Banking and Financial information with customers and authorized agencies.
  • P2P services and sharing economy apps.
  • P2P Information & Experience (CX) Sharing.

!* Disclaimer
The EasyManage Blockchain Solutions are planned in company Roadmap. Roadmap products and features are subject to change or removal as per company decisions.



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