Blockchain Based Healthcare Platform !*

Health Plus
EasyManage Health Plus is a blockchain based global platform for managing healthcare information & delivery by healthcare providers, patients and healthcare suppliers.

Patients connect to world-wide healthcare providers eliminating country borders. Patients engage with curated healthcare providers via telehealth, online consultations and at home assisted delivery models. The payment models for such services via patients and/or their insurances are yet to be defined.

Healthcare specialist provide services such as online consultations for expert opinion on health matters, remote diagnoses, second opinions, guidelines and instructions for in-clinic treatments or procedures. Providers will direct patients to visit a clinic when a physical exammination is necessary or they will give next steps to patients e.g. lab tests, a prescription, health advise and tips.

Healthcare providers such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies share medical records and healthcare experience with patients.

Doctors will share Clinic Visit Details, Examination Notes, Diagnosis, Prescriptions Rx, Lab Test Requisitions.

Pharmacies will share pre-filled and ready to server Prescriptions Rx, and Dispensed medicines in Prescriptions Rx delivery notes.

Labs will share lab test quotes and praparatory information, and lab test result reports.

Hospitals will share (for inpatient visits) Discharge Summary, Diagnosis, Prescriptions Rx, and Follow-up Lab Test Requisitions.

Hospitals will share with Insurance providers, some more detailed information for inpatient visits, as required for claim processing.

Interoperability between Parties:
  • EasyManage has solved Interoperability issue of DApps. EasyManage has developed technology to facilitate DApps to be able to communicate with each other.
  • So that information and records from different providers can be seamlessly exchanged between all parties via "App Streaming".
  • Patients connect to world-wide healthcare providers eliminating country borders.
  • Patients get Digital Healthcare Wallet, with all medical records in one place.
  • Patients get, from participating providers of services, 1) pre-filled and ready to server Prescriptions Rx, 2) lab test quotes and praparatory information.
  • Patients and authorized Doctors get information on Dispensed medicines in Prescriptions Rx, and lab test result reports.
  • Authorized Insurance providers get detailed information for inpatient visits for claim processing.

!* Disclaimer
The EasyManage Blockchain Solutions are planned in company Roadmap. Roadmap products and features are subject to change or removal as per company decisions.



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