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Share Stories & Apps
Create & Share Stories

Share Story
Share Consumer Story
  • Search For Shoping Information Apps For Bluetooth Speaker Products
  • Navigate to speakers you like.
  • BookMark the details you like: chosen product details or full range of products, along with specifications, user guides, user reviews, whatever you like...
  • Now capture these details as Story and share with your friends.
It is that simple.

Share Social Story
  • EasyManage is great place for Group Apps!
  • Navigate to your school batch app.
  • BookMark the details of your last re-union event: e.g. venue details, pictures, reception video, with all the comments by people...
  • Now capture these details as Story and share with your cousins.
Share and Refine Community Story
  • Navigate to community app in City A for promoting green energy initiatives.
  • BookMark the details of you like : e.g. program owners, projects initiated, people comments...
  • Now capture these details as Story and create a New App For City B.
  • Involve City B volunteers in refining story / app specific to it's needs.
  • Launch new refined community app for City B.
Create Story or Apps
Create Consumer Story or App
  • Search For other similar Apps and stories.
  • Create a New App based on selected App.
  • You also have option to start from scratch and build your own App. Via creating Menus/Folders, Screens, Tables,Forms,etc.
It is very simple and new App can be created without coding in minutes.

Conversations on Stories

  • Add Comments, Like them, Rate them.
  • Give feedback in comprehensive format.
  • See Summaries.
By John K. [EUP] 07/12/2016 12:59:03 PM
Whats progress on migration project?
project migration
LR Agreement: Neutral   
LM Action: In Process   
LV Support: Supporting   

By Philip [EUP] 06/03/2016 04:18:34 PM
project is on track
ontrack status
LR Agreement: Agree   
LM Action: In Process   
LM Action: Forwarded   


  • Filter-out chaos & distractions, view quality content.
  • Get most out of social media. Increase deep work, deep learning.

CSM - Customer Story Management

Create & Share Customer Stories

Share Story
Create or Populate Customer Story
  • In online service create customer story. In Cloud service, integrate with your other apps and populate or PUSH story for customer.
  • Customer Story examples are:
  • Customer Marketing Story
  • Customer Promotion Story
  • Customer Offer Story
  • Customer Proposal Story
  • Customer Order Story
  • Customer Fullfillment Story
  • Customer Support/Ticket Story
  • And more...
Share Customer Story
  • Share created stories with customer.
  • Get feedback, comments or questions.
  • Give answers. Follow-up on story with customer.
  • Once Customer Story event is finalized, close story. And share story tracking transcript with customer for lifelong.

SaaS - Story as a Service

Enable Stories

Enable Story
Enable or Populate Story on your site using Saas
  • We provide SaaS - Story as a Service, to Enable or Populate Story on your site
  • Create stories for your customers, fans, employees, any contacts.
  • Share created stories with customers.
  • Follow-up on story And on closing, share story tracking transcript with them.

Fluid Story

Story WorkFlows

Fluid Story
Story is Fluid and Responsive
  • Story is incremental, can be combined with or added-to other stories.
  • It is Fully Responsive which can adjust to surrounding
  • Is is based on Fluid App technology.
Story WorkFlow Example
  • To understand Fluid Story, lets review one example:
  • A consultant works on a customer requirement (which has 2 parts) with 2 different suppliers.
  • He gets "Customer Requirement Story" and sends to suppliers.
  • Gets proposals as "Supplier-1 Part Proposal", "Supplier-2 Part Proposal"
  • Refines supplier proposals with comments, feedbacks, answers.
  • With few clicks, Combines these proposals (filtering out comments) to make "Customer Proposal"
  • Shares "Customer Proposal" with customer and follows up with comments, feedbacks, answers.
  • Once finalized, gets "Customer Order".
  • From customer order story, splits (extracts) stories to make "Supplier-1 Order", "Supplier-2 Order"
  • And shares with suppliers, and thus story events go on....

For Teams

Story & Messaging App

Teams Using Story Sharing
Teams around the world are using story sharing to make their working lives simpler, more pleasant, and more productive.

Team story sharing and communications:

Company wide sharing:
Share your team stories, apps & conversations with all.
Create & Share a story or app for a project, a topic, a team, or anything.
Add comments for all, specific members or for self-notes for later reference.
It’s all completely searchable.
Don't send email, send story message.

Group Sharing:
For group level and few specific member level sharing
Create Group or Contact stories and apps.

Story is made up of:
Not just your files, documents & messages but it also includes mini-app and comments.

From storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, or Box, just paste the FILE web URL link and that document is available in story.

To reach a member directly, send them a Message.

Messaging Platform & Apps

Apps Merged Into Messaging Platform

Apps are responsive and able to merge into Messaging platform
Up until this time, the app world exists in silos, for every action people need to perform they have to open a different app.

We solve this problem by being able to connect & merge apps in order for people to complete multiple actions together. Imagine an app experience where you don’t bounce between apps, but where different apps are merged into messaging platform, becoming "super apps".

Now-a-days Messaging has become the platform for entirely new wave of apps, bots and products. People don’t want to download a new app and remember to go to it, they just want to chat with apps like they do with friends, get the information and get the tasks done and get going. That’s what is next wave of product features for us.

App Builder Studio

Build Story & Apps

Build Story & Apps with low-code app building Studio
Studio - an efficient way to build apps & stories

Studio makes it easy for anybody to quickly develop apps and stories that serve specific purpose for social, consumer or business needs.

  • Build apps without writing code
  • Publish and use on web and mobile
  • Get started quickly

Build app from idea in days, not weeks

Studio lets you speedily iterate from prototype to deployed app. You can use available built-in example app or any pre-owned app as starting template to accelerate app development.

Build tailor-made app to solve every need

Turn your expertise into apps, Studio helps you build a range of apps, it can be onboarding workflow, project management or process automation, or social group app. Because you Understand the business problem, you can build the solution

Infrastructure not a worry anymore

Studio is available on web and mobile, so no worrying about the server setups and IT overheads.

Immediately publish apps on the web or mobile

When finished, get your app in users’s hands. Publish it to your contacts, groups, customers or public.

Go Advanced

Use Advanced features to build powerful apps. Users who want to go deeper, can use custom scripting and integrations.

WHY Use Studio?

Business Apps
o There are SaaS solutions available for specific scenarios (CRM, travel and HR) but many business app scenarios still remain locked on premises due to their dependence on specific data.

Social & Group Apps
o There are many solutions available for chat and messaging but no real solutions for social contact and group apps. Enabling custom story apps development empowers todays social user to develop apps without coding.

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