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EasyManage Platform (aPaaS) & App Plus:

FREE Basic Plan :

** Free Plans are for demo, evaluation, development and trial purposes and have feature and resource utilization limits.

Paid Plans : Contact Us.

Online Plan Details

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For Evaluation For Teams
Contact Us
Contact Us
US$ 0
Per Month, Paid 6 monthly

Per Month, Paid 6 monthly

Per Month, Paid 6 monthly
Incl. Accounts: 2 Developer, 10 App Users Incl. Accounts: 3 Developer, 20 App Users Incl. Accounts: 5 Developer, 30 App Users

Account Type Details:
Account Name FREE Basic App User App Developer
Account Type FREE For Demo & Evaluation purposes!
No Credit Card Req.
App User Only App Developer
User Account Pricing
Per Month
US$ 0
Create Apps,
Curate Content,
App Copy-Paste
Other Users can Access Your Apps
Self App Access Only
# Of App Access Definitions
- - 30
Developer (Studio)
Edit Apps
FILE WebURL Link -
FILE Upload -
No Of Total Data Records 1K - 10K
Cloud Shared Shared Shared

EasyManage Platform - PaaS (Dedicated Cloud) Contact Us

aPaaS (Application Platform As A Service): Application Platform in dedicated cloud for you.
iPaaS (Integration Platform As A Service): API Plus Integration Platform in dedicated cloud.

Cloud Plans
Cloud Plan
Pricing Per Month

Paid 6 Monthly, Setup Fee US$ 100

Includes: Accounts 10 App Developers, 100 App User Only. 10 APIs. RAM 4GB, Storage 20GB
Cloud Custom Plan
For Custom Configurations, Please Contact Us.

EasyManage Platform On-Premise Editions

For deployment in your own private cloud or On-premise.

Platform - Free Developer & Trial Editions:
FREE Developer Edition :
Application Platform : (1 Dev, 2 App Users)
API Plus : (2 APIs)
** Only for development purposes,
limit 1 installation per business entity
Trial Edition
Application Platform : (5 Dev, 20 App Users)
API Plus : (5 APIs):
** Try Free For 3 Months
Platform - Paid Editions: Contact Us

Plan Starter Lite Pro Custom
Pricing Per Month

Paid 6 Monthly
Contact Us
In your plan: Choose Number Of User Accounts or API Lic as per below :
User / Lic. Type App User Only Developer 1 API Lic
Pricing Per Month
** Note: For using APIs, 1 Developer Account is also required.

Please contact us via email for more information and other configuration needs. See page Contact Us.

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