Product Features
Fluid Apps [Responsive Apps]
Develop Fluid Apps, Responsive Apps which can adjust to surrounding. Meaning Apps can accomodate, merge inside other apps.
Adaptable Apps
Apps created by Content Creators are able to adapt to users of app, so its users can play Content Modifier or Enhancer roles. As an App User, One can modify or enhance color, background color, prompts on forms. Also one can add new data fields & values next to original ones.
App Streaming [Portable Apps]
App Streaming makes apps portable. Extract App Parts or Branches. Use Mark-Copy-Paste-Merge features on Apps & Stories, or contents inside them.
Apps Merged into Messaging
Apps are responsive and able to Merge into Messaging platforms. Send App or Story by email. Also Users can interact with apps via messaging.
Have Conversations on stories. Add Comments, Like them, Rate them and give feedback in comprehensive format.
Filter-out chaos & distractions, view quality content.
Sharing and Synchronization
Copy & Share Apps, they can be synchronized with each other or original apps.
Tagging, Comments, Feedback
Add Tags, Comments & Feedback. Feedback can be captured via analytical custom defined forms. Add Post-it like Notes for yourself or others.
Make it Public, Group-wide or Personal
You can send comments to broadcast to the world, or to your group or share with chosen friends.
TimeSpan Aware Features
Make content temporary and exists for only short time, reducing inhibition to share. Or make them permanent, ever lasting.
Low-Code App Builder Studio
Build Story & Apps with low-code app building Studio. Build tailor-made app to solve every need. Use Advanced features to build powerful apps.
Search your entire workspace
Search deep across apps and workspaces. With search forms and a set of powerful search operators, you can narrow down to that one-comment, data record, field value, message-in your workspace.


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