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EasyManage Technology
Conversation as a Platform
Conversations are Enabled into App Screens, Capture analytical form based information from conversations.

We provide Conversation Enabled Apps platform for:
  • Conversation Enabled e-Commerce
  • Conversation Enabled Social, Professional and Business Apps

Conversations are possible on any Application Screen:
  • Converse withing your Contacts & Groups
  • Converse with Business Providers
  • Optionally public conversations by anyone can be enabled by apps.
Fluid Apps
o Develop Fluid Apps
o Fully Responsive Apps which can adjust to surrounding.
o Has Flexible Menus, Tables and Forms, Data Structures.
o App Branches: Expand/Add, Copy/Paste, Merge.
o Apps can accomodate/merge inside other apps.
o Examples :
- Your Shop App has Electronics and Mobile categories.
- Add new Categories like Computer Desktops, Home Appliances with few clicks using Copy/Paste or AppPkg.
App Streaming [Portable Apps]
o Extract App Parts/Branches including data with Copy/Paste features.
o Compose an AppPkg and send out.
o Extract/Copy App Parts/Branches from other's Apps into your App-Clipboard, and later use them in your apps.
o App Streaming helps to Merge Apps into Messaging. Also Users can interact with apps via messaging.
Adaptable Apps
o Apps are adaptable, meaning they are able to adapt to users of app.
o Advanced Tagging features enable adaptable apps. As an App User, One can modify or enhance color, background color, prompts on forms. Also one can add new data values next to original ones.
o Users are defined as Content Creator & Content Modifier or Enhancers.
o Examples:
- Pathology lab has reported test results as Patient Lab Story. And the physician can enhance this story via changing background color of some result rows to "Red" indicating severity.
- Consumer is viewing shopping catalog of smartphones. His local shop salesman will provide discounted price figure, right next to, retail price. One of his contact/friend will add the bargain price he got, next to it.
o Create instances of Workspace (incl all objects and app)
o Load Apps i.e. Create instances of Apps
o Publish to Users
Sharing and Synchronization
o Easily share Workspace [EM Inbox] embedded Apps with other users.
o Workspace [EM Inbox] can be shared, duplicated or copied (leading separate lifes)
o Separate Workspaces [EM Inbox] can be synchronized back with each other or original Inobx
o Workspace [EM Inbox] parts can be extracted into AppPkg and sent to other users
Tagging, Comments, Feedback, Post-it Like Notes
o Users can add Tags, Comments & Feedback.
o Feedback can be captured via analytical custom defined web Forms.

o Add Post-it like Notes for yourself or others, attach them to any form data record.
o Tags and Comments have expiry period property
e.g. party invitation - no need to show past 2 days.

Example : I am browsing ListPlus and come across a item for sell.
I can add comment : "This seems not good" and share with only 2 friends.
Moderators and Filter View
o Define your To-Follow-Contacts Lists at different levels
o Dynamically switch Filter settings to see, e.g. any below
- all posts
- or posts from a preferred contact list
- or posts from last [5] number of days
- or posts tagged with keywords (kind of hashtags)
More Features
App Bookmarks
- Bookmark, Gather , Send

- Analytical Form,
- Moderator Feat,
- AdvTag Add Fields,etc

Location Aware Apps,
- Loc Tied Apps

Searches : Query Wizard, TimeSpan Aware Srh
- More search features like User Ids, Sorting
- List All Search Forms/Places Available
EasyManage Technology Features
Workspace [EM Inbox]
What is
o Workspace [EM Inbox] holds a development objects or RUN App area
o Also referred as Repository which can hold multiple Apps
o It includes Menus Hierarchy, App/WebPage Units (incl. tables, forms, data, files, media)

Provisioned As
o Site/Service provides a number of pre-configure workspaces for users:
o Examples :
- system inbox
- Dev Inboxes : Personal | Professional | Custom

o Each user can create many workspaces as per need.

When Users create Groups:
o Group Level Inbox are created and loaded with apps e.g. Chat App, Group Social Apps.

Specific EM Solution Inboxes will be available to Users. e.g. ListPlus, FoodPlus, ShopPlus

Premium Paid Services
o Users can create custom apps in the Inboxes. helpful for Businesses and professionals.
Apps [Applications]
What is
o Apps contains : Menus : Hieracrchy App/WebPage Units (incl. tables, forms, data, files, media)
o Use provided apps or develop custom apps
Story (AppPkg) [Application Package]
What is
o Story (AppPkg) is a package unit to extract and hold your app branch or module or tree
o It contains : Menus : Hieracrchy App/WebPage Units (incl. tables, forms, data, files, media)
EM Mail Box
Provides email integration for EM Inobx, Apps and AppPkg.
o Extend distribution and collaboration via email.
o Access multiple POP mail accounts.


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