EasyManage Difference

EasyManage Difference
Why EasyManage
EasyManage has embarked on a path to defining the future of seamless app & story exchanges thru messaging & communication in an increasingly complex world across geographies, and categories (topics).

EasyManage has a mission to empower every consumer user & every social user with Story sharing abilities, garnering maximum benefits from this technology to help user in:
  • Reclaim your day. Less Calling, Less emails. Be More productive.
  • Helping you enjoy a simpler, more pleasant, and more productive consumer life.

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Why do we need Apps & Stories Merged into Messaging platforms?
Because users are adopting Messaging & Chat interface as way of life:
  • Apps must be able to merge into it, else we need to switch to individual apps often
  • Chatbots interface for apps and comments works better with Merged apps
  • And Chatbots rule engine can fire app forms (or screens) based on chat discussion
  • It can also do same to capture comments and analytical responses info

Since traditional apps can bridge to EasyManage Merged apps architecture, via push story, we have win-win situation for users.

By the way, Did we ask Why touch interface over keyboard few years back? Probably, But It came naturally ...

Apps & Messaging - Merging into ONE-ANOTHER has interesting possibilities:
o While you can Send app or story via Messaging or email
o Story itself can contain messaging chat session transcripts or emails

Unified Story Ability
Like unified payment address, we need unified story ability with a unified story address for each user.

Unified Story Address : Where we get
o All story communication
o Session tracking transcripts on chats, including chatbot interactions
o Pushed stories
o Shared stories

With Unified Story Ability, TO BE MORE PRODUCTIVE i.e. Spend Less Time
o We SHOOULD BE able to:
o Combine stories, share them, extract them, create new ones, refine previous ones,
o Story versioning & mgmt
o Build knowledge archives of stories



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