EasyManage provides products, technology & solutions based on "No-code" and "Low-Code" development.

  • In "No-Code" approach there is no code base that’s exposed or editable. "The application is built using Studio in the platform and runs directly from the App Platform. Users connect via browser to cloud server with No IDE to install." "There is simply no code."
  • This methodology is suitable for many kinds of apps e.g. those for record keeping or information & content gathering, in areas & domains such as customer support, customer success, healthcare, education, banking, finance, insurance.
  • Customers build apps that handle common processes and tasks like employee onboarding, sales pipeline, customer interaction and forms submissions, customer info exchange, contractor and case time tracking, vendor lists and procurement procedures automation, etc.
  • For complex apps and API building, EasyManage provides "low-code" approach. In Low-code approach, developer productivity is boosted with tools and code generation. For building applications, use default generated forms, screens, screen-flows as starting point and add your custom screens, components and code-snippets using EasyManage customization and integration tools. You are not confined to our generated code but have ability to leverage our productivity tools to your benefit.
  • EasyManage helps develop integrations and APIs for various data operations, and to pull in data directly from other sources.
  • Major breakthru comes in building APIs. Microservices code is generated along with all the artifacts, ready to deploy. And it further allows you to customize if you need so.
  • Powered with VPR & App Streaming!
  • EasyManage Digital Information Wallet for information exchange!
  • Provides companies a channel to share customer information & experience with consumers
  • Businesses share various customer interactions data with consumers! Users have instant access to their data at a central place. Search thru all of your shopping or subscription orders, shipments, transactions, financial statements to find what you need.
  • Organize your digital foot-print and avoid chaos by curating content with "Copy-Paste inside Apps" tool. No more missing reminders and todo tasks. Save money & improve productivity.

How Do We Do It?

EasyManage provides an easy way to build new apps and workflows for enterprise processes and tasks by defining components using a simple interface.

EasyManage is unrivaled when it comes to simplicity. Simple definition of metadata or import of table schema gets you started to building apps. The Forms, screens and screen-flows is generated and further personalization is done via tooling and property settings.

Learn Easily:
EasyManage training programs can teach a business analyst who knows nothing about coding to become builder of applications using no-code approach in three weeks. While an engineer/developer can learn the platform in few days to a week.
Develop Faster:
EasyManage provides a cloud-hosted development platform that enables customers to build apps faster and saves costs. It has browser based access and backend can be deployed to any cloud environment.

Product Overview

EasyManage Platform

  • Low-Code Application Platform with App Builder
  • Build Flexible Apps & Content
  • Rapid Forms Builder
  • Embrace Digital Transformation
  • Enhance Customer Experience
  • API & Integration Platform
  • Design and build APIs and integrations, with Low-Code Development
  • Generates Microservices Code (Spring Rest), Ready For Deployment
  • Use Data Integration Tools
  • aPaaS - Service to Build Flexible Apps & Content
  • Improve Customer EX, Facilitate Content Curation
  • Use UGC Tools
  • Copy-Paste inside Apps and Conversations


  • Preview in App Platform!
  • Simple Database + Spreadsheet solution
  • A Book is a collection of worksheets (tables)
  • Variety Of Data Types supported
  • Users view & manipulate data via filters, query wizards & sorting. Use input forms, in-built conversations
  • Teams collaborate with easy by creating and sharing Books