EasyManage Online : Features : For Individuals
Share Stories & Apps
Create & Share stories from inside Apps. Sharing simple hyperlinks, videos & pictures is Passé.
Create Stories
Users (Content Creators & Editors) can weave together bunches of photos and video into stories, along with documents, data sheets & forms! Brands are able to create a variety of consumer stories.
Story Communications
Story Communications for today's generation: Get all your stories in one place, and avoid all that constant switching between provider apps. Get all stories directly within EasyManage-product catalog, promotion & discounts, product shopping order, support tickets—all of them searchable in one central archive.
Social Story
Social Groups and Families share stories on events, travel, school re-unions, various functions. Social Users have unprecedented abilities to Combine stories, share them, extract them, create new ones, refine previous ones, build knowledge archives.
Public Stories
Publish stories for public. It can be story on Blog, FAQ, Q&A, public event, anything.
Story & App Templates
Make use of available Story & App Templates, to quickly build new stories. Users create and share templates for others.
EasyManage Online : Features : For Business Accounts
Customer Story Management
Share Stories with Customer: Promotion Story, Offer Story, Fullfillment Story, Support/Ticket Resolution Story
Increase productivity by Reducing email, follow-ups, telecalls with providers.
Reclaim Your Day.
Make smarter, faster decisions.
Discover interesting consumer opportunities.
Teams & Groups
Ensure everyone is aware of (and responding to) opportunities across your teams & group with shared stories and conversation.
Quickly arrive at consensus, act, and take advantage of opportunities with collaboration platform that adds analytical information to the conversation.
Take action and notify others.
Manage interactions with other members better, avoid chaos.
Businesses & Service Providers
Businesses & Service Providers including sellers online or offline, benefit with better customers relationships, customers feeling more connected, having increased transperancy.
Aware consumers on behind the scene efforts you are taking for them, via shared story transcripts.
EasyManage Consumer Connect
Consumer Connect: Customer Experience Sharing (CX)
  • A Platform to share information with customers by businesses, shops and service providers.
  • Customers Upload records and files, share with service providers, and also receive information records from them.
  • Share Information & Stories with Customer: Promotion Story, Offer Story, Fullfillment Story, Support/Ticket Resolution Story
Consumer Plus
  • Create information rich site for your business.
  • Publish your Business Profile, Product Catalogs, Marketing & Promotions, Any publically sharable information
  • Users will bookmark and share products & promotions with peers, increasing your reach
EasyManage Social Plus, Global Plus
Social Plus : Social Users & Groups
(Content Creators & Editors)
  • Share experiences & information. Share on Blog, events, functions, activities, establishments, news, press release, anything.
Global Plus : Knowledge Plus | Guide Plus
  • Share knowledge. Fight information overload, Access information in one place, decide or solve issues faster.
  • Find information, answers, handbooks, advisors, Gurus, Guides.
  • Bookmark, extract or share shortlisted information. Customize or Consolidate different guides to make your own reference handbooks.
  • Access Free material, Book and purchase paid information guides, services, subscriptions.
  • Has Knowledge & Information Apps For: FAQ, Forums, Q&A, User Guides, Reviews, Tutorials, Wikis, How-Tos, Tips.


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