Smart Apps, Content & Discussion platform

Build apps faster with Low-Code development
Build Smart Apps & Content, Sites, Forms, UGC, TGC
Engage audience with Smart Discussions
Share, Consolidate and Curate Apps or Content with few clicks

EasyManage has following distinctive features:

App Streaming
Labelling technology for app data & discussions

Advanced Sharing & Consolidation platform

Users can curate apps & content with ease
With few clicks on apps and content, do bookmark, extract, copy-paste, combine, merge, integrate, federate ops
Deep Search and discovery tools help you find what-you-need instantly
Publish immutable snapshots of apps and content

A Fast, Responsive and User-Friendly Platform

Build reponsive apps faster with starter apps and templates
Build tailor-made apps to solve every need
Apps are flexible. They can adapt to future changes in requirements.
You can easily change app objects like menus, forms, fields even after deployment
Cost effective ‘Do-It-Yourself’ apps building solution

Platform to build Apps for any need.

Easiest platform to create and continuously evolve apps.
Apps for everyone for any need, Get the app you need, developed fast without coding
A Low-Code platform that lets you develop your applications, integrate with other systems, and lets you extend the apps with custom code when you need it.

Benefit from free flow of apps, data, stories & information.

Fight information overload, Increase productivity, Reclaim Your Day.
Data Filters to Filter-out chaos & distractions, view quality content.
Build tailor-made Story & Apps with low-code app building Studio.
In-built conversation support in apps, Send Messages.
Unique Labelling technology to mark app data & discussions with actions, approvals or process outcomes.
Add wings to Apps. Send Story & Apps via email.
Enable better customer relationships.
Teams quickly arrive at consensus, act, and take advantage of opportunities.

Use Cases

Education & Learning:
Students use EasyManage to share Study Plans and Student Notes. Teachers distribute class work of different chapters and later combine together.
Retailers and Businesses:
Share Experience & Information with Customers (CX). Like Promotion Story, Offer Story, Fullfillment Story, Support/Ticket Resolution Story.
Users share experience & information (stories) on events, travel, school re-unions, received Customer (CX) stories e.g. promotions, product specs.
Healthcare Providers:
Share medical records with Patients, who use app streaming to cut-paste exact app data to share with next specialist.

Examples (See Demo Screens)
Ways to use EasyManage
  • Click above link to see examples of: Social Story, Customer Story, Fluid Story

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