Online Application Platform, Content Curation
Share Experience (EX), UGC, Records keeping
Curated Apps & Content
  • Discover Apps & Content or Build your own. Curate Content & Share with ease.
Customer Experience (CX)
Digital Experience (DX)
  • Provide Customer Experience, Manage Customer Success
App Streaming
  • Share App Contents & Information via App Streaming. For Individuals & Groups, For B2C, P2P.
UGC - User-Generated Content
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): Surveys, Contests, Forms, Reviews
Records Keeping, Curated Handbooks
  • Records Keeping via misc apps & forms helping in digital transformation.
  • Share Curated Packs like Handbooks, Guide Books, Catalogs, Lists, Travel Plan Options.
EasyManage Platform
(Dedicated & On-Premise)
Application Platform (aPaaS)
Low-Code Development
Application Platform
  • Build Flexible Apps & Content faster.
UGC - User-Generated Content
  • User-Generated Content (UGC): Surveys, Contests, Forms, Reviews
Integration Platform (iPaaS)
Integration Pack
  • API Web Services | WsGen (Web Services Code Generator)
  • Microservices code generated for Spring Rest, Spring Cloud
  • Java Web Services code generated for jaxws services (SOAP, JAX-WS)
  • App Streaming: App to App on-the-fly Integration
  • Enable App to App Integration in YOUR solutions
  • Email Integration
  • Connector Databases
Third-Party Apps: Enabled with EasyManage Technology Coming Soon
  • Enabled EasyManage Technology Integration in popular Third-Party Apps in CRM, ERP, e-Commerce space.
EasyManage Solutions
Health Plus Coming Soon
  • Doctors and healthcare providers share medical records with patients.


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