Platform Overview

Build awesome applications. EasyManage makes it easy to build applications for any purpose, from your social, individual or business needs. Individuals and Businesses can build applications fast with Low-Code development.

Quickly build apps, consolidate & curate unified views of information from multiple apps, and share them with other members or groups.

App Streaming

EasyManage is addressing a key problem in the mobile world: continuous profusion of mobile apps and the ensuing chaos. Since you keep hopping between the apps & can not share what's inside one of those apps with others.

EasyManage will fix that with "App Streaming". It's kind of a META app or hub, to exchange information & services across apps & users. Thereby offering a unified app experience.

So with App Streaming, you can Exchange apps between two EasyManage environments or within same environment across users & entities.

Customer Experience (CX)

Customer Experience (CX) is how customers perceive their interactions with your company. And they define interactions as any time when you and your customers have a two-way exchange.

EasyManage helps businesses improve customer experiences. Customers who have good experiences will spent more and have better chance of continued subscriptions.

Improve customer interactions via sharing customer stories with them. Share Information & Stories with Customer: Promotion Story, Offer Story, Fullfillment Story, Support/Ticket Resolution Story.

With EasyManage, make these information sharing with customers:
o Useful — they deliver value
o Usable — the value is easy to find and engage with
o Enjoyable — they’re emotionally engaging and people want to use them

Low-Code Development

Individuals and Businesses can build applications fast with Low-Code development.

Low-Code Apps

Build Story & Apps with app building Studio. Build tailor-made apps to solve every need. Use Advanced features to build powerful apps.

Build Flexible Apps :

Flexible Apps refers to the ability for the app solution to adapt to possible or future changes in its requirements.

May be it's menu system, forms, tables, fields, etc. When you design or build an app solution you may or may not cater for changes to them which inevitably arrive in the future. EasyManage provides this flexibility with such a design of the smaller aspects of system which are loosely coupled and allow extensibility. You can add or change menu system, forms, tables, fields, etc. anytime in deployed apps.

‘Do-It-Yourself’ - Apps Building Solution :

EasyManage is a cost effective ‘Do-It-Yourself’ solutions that represent excellent return on investment.
EasyManage platform stands apart from the crowd by being fast, responsive and user-friendly.


EasyManage provides aPaaS (Application Platform as a Service). It is an online cloud service that offers development and deployment for application services. Build applications iteratively, deploy them online instantly, and integrate applications with other services.

With EasyManage, you can accomplish:
  • Easy Application Development: Define metadata and use auto UI creation for faster development, allows incremental and distributed development.
  • Easy Integration: Connect to databases with Db Connector, Use Web Services APIs, and web services generator. Integrate with Other Apps, and legacy systems
  • Do Customization: You can customize UI code and plug-in JavaScripts, use scripting tokens inline.
  • Online Deployment: Develop and deploy online, or use cloud or on-premise editions.
  • App Templates: Use existing App templates, re-use app components.
  • Inbuilt Security: Define Users, Groups and allow granular access.
Crafted by engineers with the goals of flexibility and information mobility, every aspect of our platform is designed to help you build flexible apps, with features to fight information overload.

Digital Transformation

Drive Digital Transformation with EasyManage aPaaS.

Build Business Apps

The application platform built for collaboration across teams, distribute development of apps and combine them later on.

Re-use app components, utilize out-of-box query wizards and search forms.

Don't lock in, Protect your investment with a platform based on open standards, APIs and data.

Individual & Social Apps

EasyManage App Builder Studio is Easy to use tool for today's Content Creators & Editors. Build and share apps for Individual, Group, Social, Friend & Family needs. Share stories on events, travel, class re-unions, various functions, student notes, accomplishments, thoughts, anything.

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