EasyManage Platform
Low-Code Development & Customer Experience
Customer Experience (CX) : Digital Experience 1
Provide Customer Experience, Manage Customer Success
Customer Experience (CX): Consumer Connect
  • A Platform to share information with customers by businesses, shops and service providers.
  • Customers Upload records and files, share with service providers, and also receive information records from them.
  • Share Information & Stories with Customer: Promotion Story, Offer Story, Fullfillment Story, Support/Ticket Resolution Story
Consumer Plus
  • Create information rich site for your business.
  • Publish your Business Profile, Product Catalogs, Marketing & Promotions, Any publically sharable information
  • Users will bookmark and share products & promotions with peers, increasing your reach
Social Experience (SX)
Share Experience & Information : Individuals & Groups
Social Plus : Social Users & Groups
(Content Creators & Editors)
  • Share experiences & information. Share on Blog, events, functions, activities, establishments, news, press release, anything.
Global Plus : Knowledge Plus | Guide Plus
  • Share knowledge. Fight information overload, Access information in one place, decide or solve issues faster.
  • Find information, answers, handbooks, advisors, Gurus, Guides.
  • Bookmark, extract or share shortlisted information. Customize or Consolidate different guides to make your own reference handbooks.
  • Access Free material, Book and purchase paid information guides, services, subscriptions.
  • Has Knowledge & Information Apps For: FAQ, Forums, Q&A, User Guides, Reviews, Tutorials, Wikis, How-Tos, Tips.
Low-Code Development
App Plus
For Businesses | Developers (Aspiring & Professional)
  • Apps For : Customer Success Management, Customer Story Management, Support, Self-Service
  • Team Apps For : Digital Workplace and Workspace
  • Build tailor-made apps to solve every need
For Individuals & Groups | Developers (Aspiring)
  • Group Apps For : Events, Experience Sharing, Day-to-Day Posting
  • Social Groups and Families share stories on events, travel, school re-unions, various functions.
User-Generated Content (UGC): Surveys, Contests, Forms, Reviews 5
User-Generated Content (UGC) Marketing
  • Implement UGC strategy to capture customer reviews, photos, interviews, contests, star ratings.
  • Smartly use UGC on your site and product pages.
  • Generate Content, increase conversions, drive traffic, boost sales.
Surveys | Reviews | Feedback | Labelled Conversations
  • Create online, surveys, reviews, feedback forms. Capture user replies and labelled conversations.
  • Capture custom review flags like
    [x] Accept [x] Reject
  • Embed Forms in your sites. Display and Capture information and data.
  • Display one or multiple Forms
Advanced Forms
  • On Forms use advanced features where app users can add new fields, hide existing ones.
  • Unique Moderator control, lets you override other users fields & feedback, un-clutter conversations.
Contests | Quizzes | Exams
  • Implement customer contests or polls.
  • Capture participant answers, comments, labelled feedback.
  • Declare Winners, Runner-Ups. Award them with rewards, promotions, coupons.
  • Social users use site for Group Quizzes. Education sector and Students conduct exams and evaluate.
Team-Generated Content (TGC) Platform 3
Team-Generated Content (TGC)
  • Teams or members collaborate to generate content.
  • In-charge coordinators will consolidate, combine and merge content giving faster turnaround.
  • TGC use cases span various domains.
    o Education and learning: subject class work of different chapters assigned to different teachers and combined by principal teacher.
    o Project design specification of different modules assigned to team leads and consolidated by manager.
Website Tools for Engagements 4
Discussions, Comments, Labelled Conversations
  • Publishers empower their sites with online discussions, comments. Use advanced features of Labeling Conversations to capture specific feedback and generate leads.
  • EasyManage Advanced Comments plug-in helps publishers increase engagement, make content lively and start discussions. They can moderate comments and build loyal audiences & communities.
EasyManage Integration
Integration Platform
App to App on-the-fly Integration via App Streaming
  • EasyManage provides on-the-fly app to app Integration in the hands of users.
  • “App Streaming” lets you perform Cut-Paste features inside apps and on apps.
Enable App to App Integration in YOUR solutions
  • Enable "App Streaming" and app to app Integration in your solutions via our Integration Pack.
API Web Services | WsGen (Web Services Code Generator)
  • API Web Services help you connect your legacy apps to EasyManage and vice versa.
  • WsGen (Web Services Code Generator) is a code generator tool that allows developers to quickly build web services.
  • Microservices code generated for Spring Rest, Spring Cloud
  • Java Web Services code generated for jaxws services (SOAP, JAX-WS)
Connector Databases
  • Use Connector Databases to connect legacy database to EasyManage.
  • Use existing database tables and map them into EasyManage objects.
Studio (Design Screens Faster)
  • The Digital App Screens design platform
  • Achieve Fast Prototyping for Web sites, Web Apps, Mobile Apps
  • Do with ease: Design Prototyping & Sharing, Collaborate with peers and users with Design Feedback and Commenting, Instant User Data Capture and Validation Testing.
Deployments: Cloud & On-premise
  • Your Own EasyManage Environment in cloud for building Business Apps.
  • Use Integration Tools to connect your on-premise apps to cloud.
  • Deploy EasyManage Environment on-premise for building Business Apps.
  • Use Integration Tools to connect your on-premise apps.
Listed below are products & services that are planned in our Roadmap.
Disclaimer: Roadmap products and features are subject to change or removal as per company decisions.
Specific Solutions
Health Plus Cloud 2
  • A Cloud based Platform for Doctors and healthcare providers to share medical records with patients.
  • Patients engage with curated healthcare providers via telehealth, online consultations.
  • Receive records from various health providers and labs, share with Doctors.
  • Records include Visit Notes, Diagnosis, Rx prescriptions, Lab test results and reports.
Third-Party Apps: Enabled with EasyManage Technology Coming Soon 3
  • Enabled EasyManage Technology Integration in popular Third-Party Apps in CRM, ERP, e-Commerce space.
  • Apps are Enabled with "App Streaming" and app to app Integration, customer story sharing.
Store & Service Plus Coming Soon
  • Publish shareable product and service catalogs for your online and offline stores & businesses.
  • Find and get details on products from various stores. Share with friends. Buy on site or visit physical store.
  • Find and book services from various service providers. Save money and book directly on site.


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