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About EasyManage.com

EasyManage provides Low-Code Development Platform for Apps & APIs! Embrace Digital Transformation, enhance Customer Experience and facilitate Content Curation.

Build Web Apps, Portals, Mobile Apps; and Integrations with APIs & Microservices.
It is based on world's first revolutionary technology featuring:
Content Curation, Copy-Paste inside Apps, In-App Feedback,
Lebelling of Conversations and Vendor Portable Records (VPR)

Adopt to a new way of sharing Content via App Plus. Find free and paid Curated information & content. To respond to the increasingly demanding expectations of customers, partners and employees, companies should embrace digital transformation. EasyManage helps in achieving rapid Digital Transformation.

EasyManage's vision, technology innovations & accomplishments align with leaders in space. EasyManage is ahead and is first platform offering App Streaming and Lebelling of conversations.

There is rapid path to migrate from legacy apps to EasyManage technologies via Data Integration tools.

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info@EasyManage.com : To inquire about products, services and all general inquiries. For demo, buying a product or to request trial license and all sales inquiries.

support@EasyManage.com : To get support on technical problems and our service features.

Communication Address:

1 Avanti, Alkapuri Socy, Paud Road,
Pune 411 029, India.

E-mail: info@EasyManage.com
Web Site: http://www.EasyManage.com



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