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Getting Started

Welcome! EasyManage lets you Share Stories & Apps, and this quick start guide will help you learn the basics so you can get started.

Steps to get started

Now that you know the key features of EasyManage, letís start working with them.

After Sign-In Click in Menu or Go To ["Dashboard" ⇒ Start Here ] to view getting started steps.

Following steps are covered in above mentioned page.

Start Here

* For Beginners & App Usage

o View Story & Apps
- Find, View, Use: Story & Apps

o View Messages, Use Mail-Box
- View Messages, Use Mail-Box

* For App & Story Creators

o Contacts & Groups
- Seting up Contacts & Groups
- Creating App For Contacts & Groups

o Public Apps
- Creating Public Apps & Stories

* Advanced Features : For App & Story Creators

o Your App & Story Repository
- Manage App & Story Repository

o How to Copy | Extract | Combine on Apps & Stories
- Extract | Combine Ops on Apps & Stories

Get Started Free offers FREE plans For Personal & Non-Commercial Use. And Basic FREE plan for professionals & businesses.

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Solutions (Use Cases) Resources

- Guide : Getting Started
- Ways to use EasyManage
- Documentation (online)

- Support

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