About EasyManage
Simplifying the World of Business

Our Mission

Provide the best combined platform that empowers you with No-Code & Low-Code development, helping build applications, workflows, spreadsheets & APIs.

  • Enable more people from your teams to build solutions without code. Citizen developers and business users become software builders.
  • Boost productivity of Developers with Low-Code Solutions. Jump-start with App Components and Microservices generated code, Customize further to build complex solutions faster.
  • For Businesses, new opportunities will open up, enabling you to move faster, and be more productive & innovative than ever before.

EasyManage is providing free products during current limited time promotion. EasyManage is seeking alliance & partners for launching our solutions, evaluating joint initiatives, or merger.

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What We Believe

Better Outcomes for customers with stellar products and solutions.

Customer Focused

Our team is customer focused to help them solve problems with better outcomes.

Better Outcomes

Our Focus is on Outcomes Over Products

Products with Global Appeal

We know and love developing disruptive technology and building products that create big companies.


Our Roadmap outlines 3+ years horizon of additional enhancements to customer outcomes.

About EasyManage : For Developers & Users

Very appealing for Citizen, Aspiring & Semi-professional developers! End-Users benefit from great in-built features.

For Developers

Citizen, Aspiring Developers , Content Creators & Editors:
Build app solutions without need for coding. Develop & Deploy online from cloud No IDE req.

Semi-professional Developers:
Use customization & Integration features, Generate code for microservices, build APIs faster.

Professional Developers:
Use on-premise editions for full customization & Integrations, build and customize microservices / APIs.

For Users

End-Users & Consumers:
Share Content and Apps. Use Copy-Paste inside apps and on apps.

Use In-built features like Query Wizards, Time-Span aware searches, Conversations & Labelling.

About EasyManage : For Partners & Investors

A software technology startup with MVP stage ready products and tools. We are seeking alliance & partners for launching our solutions, evaluating joint initiatives and/or merger.

For Alliance & Partners

Enable EasyManage Technology in your products & solutions. Offer EasyManage products in your solutions offerings. Contact us today.

For Investors

EasyManage has developed world's first revolutionary technologies. We have ambitious plans for launching globally and work on current & roadmap products. Get to know us!

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