Powered With VPR & App Streaming, EasyManage Digital Information Wallet for information exchange!

  • Businesses share various customer interactions data with consumers!
  • Users have instant access to their data at a central place.
  • Search thru all of your shopping or subscription orders, shipments, transactions, financial statements to find what you need.
  • Organize your digital foot-print and avoid chaos by curating content with "Copy-Paste inside Apps" tool.
  • No more missing reminders and todo tasks. Save money & improve productivity.

EasyManage : Digital Information Wallet

Products & Solutions with EasyManage technology powered information exchange


VPR | App Streaming

  • Use VPR (Vendor Portable Records) technology for interoperability and avoiding information silos
  • Data stored in a vendor-specific format but with a standard interface
  • App Streaming makes app metadata and data portable.
  • Use Copy-Paste-Merge features on Apps, or contents inside them.
  • Curate or Extract data from Apps as Information Chuks
  • Variety Of Data sources and email (as data chunk) supported

Easy Sync

API Tools

  • Provides companies a channel to share customer information & experience with consumers
  • Also receive customer data and form submissions
  • Providers to Customer: Orders, Fullfillment, Statements, Support/Tickets


Information Wallet

  • Consumers receive the information and experience from companies
  • In a highly re-usable and flexible form.
  • Users store, share and utilize information in very easy way.


Improve productivity, Reduce chaos, Save money!

For Businesses:
Improve Customer Expereience (CX).
Retain and Grow customers.
Get more referrals.
More happy customers.
For Consumers:
Get all your Data, Content in one place.
Use copy-paste inside apps and on apps.
Search thru all data.
Curate and share content easily.
No more missing reminders and todo tasks.
Save money & improve productivity.

Use Case : e-Commerce & Finance

Most consumers in USA will shop from 4 to 5 sites or more. They receive their shopping orders, shipment notifications via email and get buried. Consumers will miss on product return windows or payment due dates, losing any where from $40 to $1000. Lets see how EasyManage help consumers reduce chaos.

Use Case : Healthcare Medical Records

Patients medical records are stored in EMR systems of hospitals. Patients receive lab test reports and Rx prescriptions from few providers via email.

Receive all medical records from providers such as Doctors, Hospitals, Labs, Pharmacies.

Doctors will share Clinic Visit Details, Examination Notes, Diagnosis, Prescriptions Rx, Lab Test Requisitions.

Pharmacies will share pre-filled and ready to server Prescriptions Rx, and Dispensed medicines in Prescriptions Rx delivery notes.

Labs will share lab test quotes and praparatory information, and lab test result reports.

Hospitals will share (for inpatient visits) Discharge Summary, Diagnosis, Prescriptions Rx, and Follow-up Lab Test Requisitions.

Central location for all your healthcare data with EasyManage

Know More : Digital Information Wallet

Digital Information Wallet provides users with a EasyManage Technology powered information exchange, that puts people in charge of their information.


The world’s most powerful information exchange.

Users store, share and utilize information in very easy way. Users receive the information and experience from companies in a highly re-usable and flexible form. Now they have instant access to all data in one central place.

It provides companies a channel to share customer information & experience with consumers, and seek or receive information from them for various needs.


A low-code application & integration platform to share information with customers by businesses, shops and service providers.

Customers can Upload records and files, and share them with service providers. Customers also receive information records from them.

Providers share with Customers e.g.: Orders, Fullfillment, Financial Statements, Support/Tickets

Fluid Information:
With few clicks, you can do operations like bookmark, extract, copy-paste, combine, merge, integrate, federate on any information parts.

Interoperability between Parties:
  • EasyManage has solved Interoperability issue of apps and vendor data.
  • EasyManage has developed technology to facilitate apps to be able to communicate with each other.
  • So that information and records from different providers can be seamlessly exchanged between all parties via "App Streaming" and VPR.