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EasyManage For Education


Students connect with peers, mentors, teachers, faculty. Make learning a fun experience by collaborating with peers and mentors.

Rate, Review, Recommed on education & training programs, courses, books, materials.

Share Study Notes & Plans with other Students & Groups

- Create & Share Study Notes & Plans
- Receive Comments & Feedback
- Distribute tasks of creating Study Notes amongst group
- Combine, Consolidate & synchronize distributed study notes prepared amongst peers into one central place.

Share Learning Information & Experiences (EX) with others on:
- Student Notes, Learning Aids
- Study Plans
- Progress, Review, Mentoring
- Remote Tutoring

Share Training Information & Experience (EX) on:
- Training Courses - subscribe for episode
- Training Plans
- Training Aids, Tutorials, Forums, FAQ, Q&A, Total (360) Skill Accomplishments

Education Providers

Providers publish services and offering catalogs for Education, Learning, Trainings. Which include education & training programs, courses, books, materials. Students share plans with peers.

  • Create Online portal For Educational and Training Institutes
  • Get workspace For your faculty, teachers, students, partners
  • Create Your Own teachers or students or class Groups
  • Use available Education Apps, Or build custom apps

By Feature

Customer Experience CX

Businesses share Information and Experience CX with customers. Information such as Business Profiles, Product catalogs, marketing and promotional material.

Customer Experience CX is a customer specific sharing and sharing examples include:
Promotion Story, Offer Story, Fullfillment Story, Support/Ticket Resolution Story.

Share, Consolidate and Curate Apps or Content

Curating quality content has long been a key element in social media marketing strategy. Every day we all are discovering more and more amazing material being published which one can then share with his audience.

Effective curation helps to build your presence in social and establish yourself. Or For business to establish as a trusted resource and authority in field.

EasyManage is a platform where members can curate content & apps with advanced Content Curating features. With few clicks on apps and content, do bookmark, extract, copy-paste, combine, merge, integrate, federate kind of operations.

o Individuals and professional contributors will publish on platform various
- Product Reviews
- Product Specifications | FAQs
- Guide Book
- Handbook
- Tutorial
- Manual

The readers will use them, and also make their own Custom HandBooks or Reference Books via App Copy-Paste. They can combine 2 HandBooks or consolidate multiple HandBooks into 1.

Incremental Engagment in Education & Tutoring:
Another example is in Education, the teachers and mentors can Engage in Incremental Tutoring modality with their students. They will share e.g. chapter 1 material & unit tests with Students and gradually add chapters, tests and exams as is relevant for specific student's progress.

Groups Sharing & Consolidation examples:
Group activities such as class reunions produce amazing media and comments to share. While individuals capture and narrate their own experiences, a group admin will combine, consolidate & curate such content into 1 central place, and share with group.

Team Generated Content (TGC)

Team members are assigned part of the work to build app or generate content. And the principal member will later on consolidate everyone's efforts into one single app or content. He accomplishes this via few clicks to perform Copy-Paste on Apps and inside Apps. It's that easy!

TGC use cases span various domains.
  • Education: subject class work of different chapters assigned to different teachers and combined by principal teacher.
  • Learning: student subject class notes or project work of different chapters assigned to different peers and combined by one co-ordinator student.
  • Project design specification of different modules assigned to team leads and consolidated by manager.
  • Divide among members, module-wise work of preparation of product documentation, or tutorials.

UGC User-Generated Content

Implement UGC strategy to capture customer reviews, photos, interviews, contests, star ratings.
Smartly use UGC on your site and product pages.
Generate Content, increase conversions, drive traffic, boost sales.
Create online, surveys, reviews, feedback forms.
Implement customer contests or polls. Quizzes or Preparatory Exams.

Engagement Tools (Discussions)

Empower your sites with online discussions, comments. Use advanced features of Labeling Conversations to capture specific feedback and generate leads.

For Individuals


Share Learning Stories on:
- Student Notes, Learning Aids
- Study Plans
- Progress, Review, Mentoring
- Remote Tutoring
- Combine & synchronize distributed study notes amongst peers into one central place.


Social Groups and Families share stories on events, travel, school re-unions, various functions. Social Users have unprecedented abilities to Combine stories, share them, extract them, create new ones, refine previous ones, build knowledge archives.


Professional usage provides for professional Contacts & Groups :
o Professional Apps (Profiles, Resumes, Skills, Recommendations, Prof Clubs, Jobs)
o Events


Use for sharing stories On:
o Places
o Health & Fitness
o Food & Restaurants
o Blogs
o Charity Events
o Community Stories

For Businesses


Share Shop & Shopping Story
- Promotion
- Coupons
- Deals
- Buying or Order announcements
- Show Off shopped possesions to friends
- Reviews on shop items
- Stories on shopping Support
- - How to use products?, Workarounds available, Common Problems & soultions, support ticket stories.

Setup Offline Shop's online presence OR Online Shop's Stories

MarketPlace | Service Providers

Share MarketPlace Story on:
Service Provider Story
Travel, Hotels, Packages
Restaurants, Food, Eating

Setup Offline Service Unit's online presence OR Online Service Provider Stories


Share business Story on:
Vendor Management

Customer Story Management

Share Stories with Customer: Promotion Story, Offer Story, Fullfillment Story, Support/Ticket Resolution Story


Share Training Stories on:
- Training Courses - subscribe for episode
- Training Plans
- Training Aids, Tutorials, Forums, FAQ, Q&A, Total (360) Skill Accomplishments

By Industry


- Student Enrollment & On-boarding
- Student Learning & Progress
- Skills Assessments
- Education Providers Transform into Digital Enterprise


- Healthcare Records Management & Porting

Health Insurance

- Healthcare Provider & Payer Solutions

BFSI - Banking, Financial services and Insurance

Build solutions for areas such as:

- Customer On-Boarding
- Compliance
- Product Management
- Customer Story Mgmt

- Insurance Claims Management
- Insurance Underwriting
- Customer Service Portals
- Custom Sales & Marketing App extensions


Build Solutions for Retail, Shops (online or offline), eCommerce in B2C or B2B space.
- Marketing & Promotions
- Store Management
- Product Catalogs
- Customer Service
- Customer Story Mgmt

Life Sciences & Pharma

- Research and Development
- Regulatory Information Management
- Clinical Trials Management
- Pharmacy Drug Informations
- Pharmacovigilance Mgmt
- Custom Sales & Marketing App extensions

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