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Available Releases and Feature Support Matrix

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Team EasyManage

EasyManage mission is to provide full-stack development automation. We are listing here our Available Releases and Feature Support Matrix.

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Disclaimer: We may add features to or end releases from these lists as per internal assessment, market popularity.

Available Releases

These releases are available.

Release Types

  • Preview : Initial Release
  • V1 : Intermediate Release 1
  • V2 : Intermediate Release 2
  • Full : Full Release


SrlStatusidLanguages, Framework, DetailsReleaseAPIs
1AvailableflutterFlutter AppFullGraphQL, REST
2AvailablenextjsNext.js, ReactV1REST
3AvailablereactnativeReact NativePreviewGraphQL
4AvailableangularAngular (TS)PreviewREST


SrlStatusidLanguages, FrameworkReleaseAPIs
1AvailablespringSpring Java APIs (Spring Data JPA)FullGraphQL, REST
2AvailableexpressExpress, Node.js (typeorm, GraphQL Apollo Server)V2GraphQL, REST

Databases Supported

  • Spring Java : Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, Snowflake, Amazon RDS, (DB2, H2, HSQLDB).
  • Express Node.js : MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, Oracle, MS SQL Server, Amazon RDS

Figma Designs

1AvailablefigmaFigma ReleaseV1Create Designs For Input Forms

Feature Support for Releases

Below is feature support Vs Language|Framework for releases.


FeatureFlutterNext.js, React (Preview)React Native (Preview)Angular (Preview)
GraphQL Support
REST Support
Date/Time Format Parameters
Currency Formatting
Security - Authentication & Authorization
Navigation Menu
- Side Nav
- Media handling
- Video Player
- Audio Player
- Images
- URL Launch
Each Table
* Display
- Paginated Data Table
- List View
- - Linked Records
- - Sorting
- Card View
* Forms / Actions
- Input
- Edit
- Delete
- View Record Details
* Misc
- Dropdown
- Dropdown + Edit
- Filter
- Query / Search Record
- Graph template
- Line Graph, Bar Graph


Please note these are grouped together :

  • GraphQL Query and REST Http GET
  • GraphQL Mutation and REST Http POST PUT DELETE
  • Subscription is only available in GraphQL
FeatureSpring Java GraphQLSpring Java RESTExpress GraphQLExpress REST
Date/Time Format Parameters
Security - Authentication & Authorization
GraphQL Query / REST Http GET
* ViewAll
* ViewAllPaged
- - Pagination
* SelectWhere
- - searchBy clause
- - sortBy clause
- - Pagination
* Query (By key)
* FindOne (By key)
* GetOne
* DataMesh (Code template)
* FindByColumnName (Code template)
Data Modeling - Table Relations/Joins
* Nested Models / Objects / Schemas
GraphQL Mutation / REST Http POST PUT DELETE
- Create (Insert)
- Update
- Delete
GraphQL Subscription--
API Explorer
- Tool NamegraphiqlSwaggerApollo API Explorer