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Team EasyManage

Free PostgreSQL database providers

We are listing postgres database providers you can use for free, which work with EasyManage.

These free tiers are good to get you started on project development with cloud database for various purposes such as side projects, prototyping, MVPs.

Check out their Free PostgreSQL database here.

How To Use with EasyManage

  • From Neon Dashboard, gather connection details:

Get psql URL: postgres://<role_name>:<db-password>@<server-name>

Get Role (Db User) and password, if not part of URL.

EasyManage : Import Tables : New Db Source : Create New Record

  • Select psql db type
  • Use URL
    • without <role_name>:<db-password>@ and
    • replacing prefix with jdbc:postgresql:
    • add suffix ?sslmode=require
    • as per below in EasyManage Studio
    • jdbc:postgresql://<server-name>
  • Fill out Db User/Password fields.

Note: Below three have not been tried out with EasyManage Builder Studio, but they should work.

Amazon RDS

Check out their Free PostgreSQL database here


Check out their Free PostgreSQL database here

Check out their Free PostgreSQL database here.

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Team EasyManage

EasyManage mission is to provide full-stack development automation and support wider choice of languages, frameworks and databases. We are publishing here our Planned and Roadmap Releases list for such items.

We are considering releases as per popularity of languages, frameworks and databases. Please refer to findings from recent Stackoverflow Developer Survey.

Help us prioritize the list, by letting us know your interest, email to

Disclaimer: We may add or remove any items from these lists as per future internal assessment, market popularity or customer interests.

Release Types

Planned Major Releases

These releases are under active consideration and initial studies are done. Engineering work has begun for some releases.

Roadmap Releases

These releases are in our roadmap.

Upcoming Releases

Support For Languages, Frameworks

Release Phase Types

  • Preview : Initial Release
  • V1 : Intermediate Release 1
  • V2 : Intermediate Release 2
  • Full : Full Release


SrlTypeidLanguages, Framework, DetailsReleaseAPIs
1PlannednextjsNext.js, ReactV2REST
2PlannedangularAngular (TS)V2REST
3RoadmapreactnativeReact NativeV2GraphQL, REST

Further Roadmap under cosideration:

Vue.jsThe Progressive JavaScript Framework. An approachable, performant and versatile framework for building web user interfaces.
ASP.NET CoreOpen-source, cross-platform framework for building modern, cloud-based web apps for Windows, macOS, or Linux


SrlTypeidLanguages, FrameworkReleaseDatabaseAPIs
1PlannedexpressExpress, Node.jsFullMySQL, PostgreSQL, and moreGraphQL, REST

Further Roadmap under cosideration:

ASP.NET Core Web APIBuild secure REST APIs on any platform with C#.

Figma Designs

1RoadmapfigmaFigmaV2Create Designs For Displays, Views
2RoadmapfigmaFigmaFullMake available as online plugin

Core Features and Builder Studio

Enhancements to Core Features and Builder Studio are in Roadmap.