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Deploy & Run

Please refer to APIs Reference to view common aspects and on 'connecting & using databases' details.


  1. Open maven project in IntelliJ IDEA 2021.x Community Edition.

    Locate spring-java folder which has maven project emapi: <Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50639\WS_50639\backend\spring-java\emapi.

    INFO: Old Locations were: <Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50639\WS_50639\backend\spring-java\EmDbGraphQLApp50639\springGql. <Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50639\WS_50639\TableServices\EmDbGraphQLApp50639\springGql.

  1. Open, Uncomment/specify spring.datasource.* properties for your target database. Location for GraphQL project's file is:
  • <Downloads>\...\spring-java\emapi\app\dbgraphql\src\main\resources\
  1. Execute Maven actions
  • clean
  • package
  • jar is generated in /target
  • emapi\app\dbgraphql\target\dbgraphql-1.0-SNAPSHOT.jar
  1. Right-Click on dbgraphql*.jar and Select -> Run.

  2. Run Unit tests:

  • Execute Maven action: package or test
  1. Run Integration tests:
  • Execute Maven action: verify

graphiql - GraphQL Explorer

Use graphiql API Explorer, which is full-featured GraphiQL UI, which lets you query, mutate, or subscribe to any GraphQL endpoint.