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GraphQL Federation

EasyManage GraphQL API Data Mesh

EasyManage lets you Create Data Federation | Data Mesh with any custom combination, for all of your data.

Provide a unified GraphQL API endpoint that includes data from any of:

  • A. GraphQL API query resolver
  • B. GraphQL API endpoint
  • C. REST API endpoint

A default DataMesh Query is provided in generated code. That can be easily customized further. Providing application clients a unified network of all your data, via a single API endpoint. Please refer to details page.

EasyManage GraphQL APIs as Subgraph in Federation

EasyManage facilitates building a supergraph, a unified network of all your data, services that connects to your application clients (such as web and native apps).

EasyManage helps you build multiple subgraphs from individual data srouces, combine them into GraphQL Servers. Then you can further use GraphQL federation tools, such as Apollo Federation, to build your supergraph.

Using EasyManage Subgraphs in Apollo Federation

Please refer to details at pages below to build GraphQL Federation -