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What are development scenarios in which EasyManage helps in ?

Frontend Development

  • Flutter App created (generated) from database table models.
  • CRUD type app with Authentication and Authorizations
  • Auto-generate full-featured Screens for display, forms, filters, graphs for each table in your database.
  • Having wired-in API calling
    • For GraphQL
    • For REST
  • Use Flexible Filter Screen wired-with API having SQL-Like querying and sorting.
  • App infrastructure for mobile native app.
  • Eliminates time writing boilerplate database CRUD app screens.

Backend Development

  • Backend created (generated) from database table models.
    • GraphQL APIs
    • REST APIs
  • CRUD type APIs with Authentication and Authorizations
  • Auto-generate full-featured API calls for GraphQL query, mutation, subscription, CRUD operations, data mesh for each table in your database.
  • Standardize database access with declarative simplicity and benefits of GraphQL.
  • Auto-generate full-featured API calls for REST API CRUD operations, data mesh for each table in your database.
  • Use Flexible SQL-Like querying and sorting from API calls with 'SelectWhere' type calls.
  • Wired-with frontend Flutter App.
  • Data Mesh API building infrastructure
  • Eliminates time writing boilerplate database CRUD GraphQL & REST APIs.

Full-stack Development

  • Help in Frontend and Backend development as above.
  • Eliminates time writing boilerplate UI models, and wiring for UI screens to API calls.

There is more -

  • There is no runtime Lock-In, Download Code and deploy on your machines.
  • Customize and extend generated Apps and APIs to add any business logic and complete your usecase.
  • Add authentication and authorization of your choice.
  • Access security based on user roles.
  • Create scalable solutions and self-host or host with us.

How much time & effort does EasyManage save?

EasyManage automates development and cuts development time by roughly 50-80%. It automates at least 40% of development in any project using Flutter, GraphQL and database.

EasyManage is suitable for what kind of Developer Profiles ?

EasyManage is suitable for beginners, freshers and 'Learning to Code' as well as developers. We describe below, in general, some of the entry points to start using EasyManage:

  • Education : Education Level of High School or Secondary School (From Age 14)
  • Learning to code category of Developers prefer Flutter over React, and EasyManage Flutter App is their preferred choice.
  • Experience : EasyManage is beneficial to developers in their early to mid-career stage. All level developers find it easy to low-code customize the generated apps to complete their use cases. Senior developers find it interesting to save time, automate development and reduce boilerplate to minimum.
  • Developer Roles / Developer Types : Developers are wearing multiple hats and majority of developers are inching towards Full-stack. EasyManage is most helpful to full-stack developers. But back-end and front-end developers individually also get benefit in their development.

As per Stackoveflow Survey 2022, Learning how to code is a very unique experience, with people using a variety of tools and resources to build their skills.

Whats on offer for Citizen Developers, Professional Developers and 'Fusion' Teams ?

Citizen Developers and Professional Developers, both benefit from EasyManage.

  • EasyManage customers focus on using no-code, low-code as a transformational technology to make many apps and empower various developers — including both professional and citizen developers, and combined 'Fusion' Teams.

  • EasyManage is appealing Professional Developers who use low-code, no-code tools worldwide today. The power features and low-code customize flexibility can take care of mundane tasks for them and leave time for innovation.

What kind of apps can be built with EasyManage?

You can use EasyManage to build Basic to Advanced Mobile-first Apps and to build any kind of solutions across industry segments to solve real-life problems

Here are some app types that can be build:

  • Mobile-first Apps: Build New or Migrate existing Build Basic to Advanced New mobile-first apps and soutions, or Easily migrate existing apps and solutions to mobile.

  • Consumer-Facing or Customer-Facing: Build Ecommerce to order fulfillment apps Build Ecommerce, Service Booking, Grocery, Life style, health-tech apps with developer productivity boost from EasyManage. Increase customer Ex with custom solutions for customer order fulfillment and support, subscription management, and more.

  • Business-Facing Apps, Productivity Apps, Intranet Apps, Internal Tools Build custom apps to automate processes. Streamline business operations, sales, marketing, HR, backoffice, planning, budgeting, order processing, training. Build dashboards, admin panels, and CRUD type apps. Let your team connect to any datasource and build apps and usecases that display and manipulate data. Embrace API-first approach to standardize data access.

Is there runtime Lock-In ?

Absolutely NOT. There is no runtime Lock-In, Download Code and deploy on your machines.

What type of data security can be implemented with EasyManage?

EasyManage built apps can be deployed with end-to-end data security, using secure SSL and TLS traffic, data encryption in-flight and at-rest, as provisioned by MySQL.

How to use EasyManage if I already have an existing application or API?

EasyManage complements your development efforts, use generated screens and APIs in existing projects. Do Incremental development, extend apps or handle runtime changes as business dynamics change. Use EasyManage add fast any new features for your existing application or APIs, using your existing database tables.

GraphQL is strongly typed, it lets users know exactly what is available and what the data will look like. GraphQL's declarative and efficient fetching paradigm allows your API consumers to narrow down data they want, get only what they need returned to them, saving multiple API requests.

Can We use REST instead of GraphQL APIs?

Although GraphQL has advantages, you can use REST APIs. Subscription is only available in GraphQL, all the rest of API calls and data mesh calls are available in REST and GraphQL.

Are the common API calls accounted for? Querying? Filtering? Pagination? CRUD Operations? Subscriptions?

Yes. EasyManage automatically generates query, CUD and subscription abilities on your databases tables. The 'SelectWhere' type API calls has ability to SQL-Like where clause and sorting cum order by clause.

Can you create Data Mesh with existing APIs, databases / data sources ?

Yes, you can use EasyManage to build data federation , data mesh APIs to connect disparate data sources. With readymade 'DataMesh' templates generated for each table, creating your custom data mesh solution takes just 10 minutes.

When would I get less benefits using EasyManage?

When building apps with complicated UI interactions, or when majority app part is UI Design intensive.

How do I get help while building?

EasyManage provides support via email addressed to and via discord community. Please find links to our accounts on Discord, Github, Youtube on EasyManage home page footer section.