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  • Flutter App: GraphQL or REST using Secure API

  • Flutter App: with REST API

  • Flutter App: with GraphQL

Next.js, React

  • Next.js 13 App: with REST API, with App Router
  • Next.js 13 App: with CSR, SSR, SSG, ISR
  • Next.js 13 App: CRUD App with REST API

React Native

  • React Native App: with GraphQL using Apollo Client


  • Angular 15 App: with REST API

Figma Design

  • Figma Designs from your database tables For Input Forms


Spring Boot Java

  • Spring Boot Java GraphQL or REST APIs with Security

  • Spring Boot Java GraphQL APIs

  • Spring Boot Java REST APIs

Express Node.js

  • Express Node.js GraphQL APIs using Apollo Server

  • Express Node.js REST APIs