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Deploy & Run

EasyManage Angular App builder generates screens for Angular App, which have out-of-box data handling and API integrations.

Angular [Preview] Features

  • Paginated Data Table
  • Input Forms

This is initial preview release and more screens & features are planned in future releases.


Please Deploy and Run backend REST API project first, so that you can test angular app with Live Data!


Our current Angular implementation does not contain boilerplate for GraphQL, only REST.

Angular App set up

Follow the below steps to delpoy and run the Angular application:

  • EasyManage Download includes ready-to-deploy app with all files and artifacts.

    • The angular files in downloaded zip are located in angular\em-app folder, e.g. in Downloaded Build and extracted folder, look for:
    • New Location:<Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50637\WS_50637\frontend\angular\em-app
    • Old Location:<Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50637\WS_50637\TableServices\appComp\angular\em-app

Installation, Build, Run

  • Please follow guidelines in file angular\em-app\
  • Compile and run project as specified in Readme.
  • REST APIs are wired-in and are invoked without any additional hustle.
  • Once App is running, Select menu options and check-out Screens and features.
Supported Angular versions

EasyManage currently supports Angular 15 in ready-to-deploy angular project. But the generated screens will work with Angular 12 or above.