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Create Designs

Figma Design Automation

Create Figma Designs from your database tables.

Figma Designers, No more creating designs by mundane, repetitive, manual method. Get Figma Designs in minutes from your data. Create figma designs from any number of tables (50 or 500) in just 5 min. Enhance and refine them to produce beautiful designs.


Automate 60% of design creation.

Figma Design Features

  • Input Forms

This is initial preview release and more designs & features are planned in future releases.

Feature Details

  • Convert any database into fully editable Figma Designs. Use EasyManage create design automation.

  • Automate 60% of design creation.

  • Leverage existing database schemas and import its tables/views to create figma input forms based on them, without building each form and its elements from scratch.

  • Edit the created designs as much you like to produce your final designs.

  • EasyManage generates code for Figma Plugin "EasyManage Create Design" as part of building apps.

  • The figma files in downloaded zip are located in figma\em-figma-design folder, e.g. in Downloaded Build and extracted folder, look for:


Please refer to Readme on Github for details and trying out demo sample plugin yourself.
On Guthub: EayManage Create Design