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Deploy & Run

EasyManage Flutter App builder is the fastest way to bring your CRUD app to life without many weeks of coding. Get everything accomplished already in your app from UI Design to code to handle data and API integrations, authentication, and services like notifications.


Please Deploy and Run backend GraphQL API project first, so that you can test flutter app with Live Data!

Flutter Project set up

Follow the below steps to delpoy and run the Flutter application:

  • EasyManage Download includes ready-to-deploy app with all files and artifacts.

    • Project is located in flutter\em_app folder, e.g. in Downloaded Build and extracted folder, look for:
    • New Location:
      • <Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50637\WS_50637\frontend\flutter\em_app
    • Old Location:
      • <Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50637\WS_50637\TableServices\appComp\flutter\em_app
      • Open project folder in IDE Visual Studio Code.
  • APIs are wired-in and are invoked without any additional hustle. By default GraphQL APIs are called, and can be changed to REST APIs via a single flag setting.

    To verify/change API type to call, And update IP Address setting for APIs, Open file em_app\lib\em_global.dart , and look for block:

    // -------------------------------------------------------
    // EM Global Variables and application properties
    // -------------------------------------------------------
    // ------ REST API params ---------------
    String apiUrl = "";
    String apiPathPrefix = "/emdbrest";

    // ------ GraphQL API params ---------------
    //Defined both separate as User might Use Grql for Query Only, and they can host REST/Grql separately
    String apiUrlGrql = "";
    String apiGrqlPathPrefix = "/graphql";

    // ------ REST or GraphQL ---------------
    bool isApiUseGrql = true;

Note: Update IP Address for api, if using non-web device. works only for web.

  • Compile and Run your app on device of your choosing, web or android, or iOS.
  • Once App is running, Select menu options and check-out Screens and features.