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Publish to App Store

How to Publish App to Google Play Store

Prepare and Build for production

Between App and APIs, Setup Secure SSL Access, Setup and Use Authentication.

  • To verify/change API setting for APIs, Open file em_app\lib\em_global.dart , and look for block:

    // -------------------------------------------------------
    // EM Global Variables and application properties
    // -------------------------------------------------------
    // ------ REST API params ---------------
    String apiUrl = "<IP Address>:9080";
    String apiPathPrefix = "/emdbrest";

    // ------ GraphQL API params ---------------
    //Defined both separate as User might Use Grql for Query Only, and they can host REST/Grql separately
    String apiUrlGrql = "<IP Address>:9070";
    String apiGrqlPathPrefix = "/graphql";

    // ------ REST or GraphQL ---------------
    bool isApiUseGrql = true;


    // ------ API common params ---------------
    //String apiScheme = "http";
    String apiScheme = "https";

    // ------ To enable Secure REST API calling with Http Basic Auth ---------------
    String apiUsername = 'emAdmin';
    String apiPassword = '<password>';
    bool isApiCallSecure = true;

Build App for production


Build Flutter App for Android as App bundle (not apk).

Please refer to below links for details on How to get all steps done for this task: