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Deploy & Run

EasyManage React Native App builder generates screens for React Native App, which have out-of-box data handling and API integrations.

React Native [Preview] Features

  • Display : View data as
    • Data Table
    • FlatList
  • API supported are GraphQL

This is initial preview release and more screens & features are planned in future releases.


Please Deploy and Run backend GraphQL API project first, so that you can test React Native app with Live Data!

React Native Project

  • Project is located in reactnative\emapp folder, e.g. in Downloaded Build and extracted folder, look for:
  • New Location:
  • <Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50637\WS_50637\frontend\reactnative\emapp
  • Old Location:
  • <Downloads>\EmGenDir_JohnDoe_WS_50637\WS_50637\TableServices\appComp\reactnative\emapp

Installation, Build, Run

  • Please follow guidelines in file reactnative\