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    Low-Code Dev!
    EasyManage provides Low-Code Development for Digital Transformation.
    Build Web Apps, Portals, Mobile Apps; and Integrations with APIs & Microservices.
    It is based on world's first revolutionary technology featuring:
    Content Curation, In-App Feedback,
    Lebelling of Conversations and Vendor Portable Records (VPR)

    EasyManage Platform for faster Apps & API building!

EasyManage Platform - Products and Solutions

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FREE Plans/Editions

  • For Dedicated Cloud & On-Premise
  • Build Flexible Apps & Content
  • Use UGC Tools
  • Embrace Digital Transformation with Forms
  • Integration Pack
  • Editions FREE Forever & FREE 1st Year available

FREE Editions

  • Build APIs via Low-Code aproach, Generate Microservices code.
  • Share vendor portable records, exchange them with other apps via APIs.
  • Businesses & Providers share vendor portable records with consumers.
  • e.g. Doctors and healthcare providers share portable medical records with patients.

AI / Machine Learning

Coming Soon!

  • Data Science Tools
  • AI/Machine Learning Tools
  • Prepare Data and Information
  • Vendor Portable Record (VPR) technology
  • Avoid AI silos with a VPR based analytics platform

EasyManage Platform Difference

World's first platform with following revolutionary technology!

Build not just Applications but Integrations also using Low-Code Development. Generates APIs and Microservices code.
Content Curation based on App Streaming & App Sharding
In-App Feedback, Conversations are Enabled inside App Screens, Capture analytical form based information from conversations via Lebelling of Conversations.
Vendor Portable Records (VPR) for interoperability and avoiding AI silos

EasyManage AI Difference

Shrink the time from product idea to AI deployed by upto 50%.

Artificial intelligence is changing how business works. EasyManage accelerates your ability to use AI to unlock the value in your data. Get faster predictions & recommendations.
Use EasyManage software for data collection, data transformation, AI model creation and AI deployments.
EasyManage provides software products & tools, customer support and engagements based on BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) basis.


EasyManage revolutionizes consumer & social sharing, and offers its users for the first time an opportunity to create some thing new and special with ease! EasyMange has inbuilt support for conversations around objects including Tags, Comments & Feedback, query wizards, forms which are metadata oriented for incremental development, table virtualization, smart-filtering, time-span aware querying, fluid apps and content.

Content Curation

Discover available Apps & Content or Build your own. Curate content & Share.

Conversations & Chat

Inbuilt conversation support for chat and discussions in relation to information & data. Capture specific feedback with Labelled Conversations.

Low-Code Development

Build Flexible Apps & Content with Low-Code Development, use UGC Tools, Integration Pack and Microservices Generator.

Experience Sharing (EX)

Share Social Experience (SX) and Information, Businesses improve Customer Experience (CX) via sharing their interactions.


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