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    Low-Code Dev!
    Develop database apps and custom solutions, enable APIs!
    Digitize Forms, enhance Customer Experience (CX) and facilitate Content Curation.
    Build Responsive Apps & Portals; Integrate with APIs & Microservices.
    It is based on world's first revolutionary technology featuring:
    Content Curation, Copy-Paste inside Apps, In-App Conversations

    EasyManage Platform for faster Apps building!
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    Content Curation!
    Adopt to a new way of sharing Content with Customers, Consumers & Peers.
    With few clicks, Bookmark - Copy - Paste -and Share Content!
    Find Curated information & content.

    EasyManage Platform for enhancing Customer Experience (CX)!


Products & Solutions based on Low-Code Development along with Content Curation and Data Integration tools

FREE Plans/Editions

  • Application Platform with App Builder
  • Solutions for Consumer & Social Sharing
  • Create, Share and Curate
  • Find free and paid Curated information & content
  • API Plus with Microservices code generator
  • Data Integration Tools
  • Virtual Portable Records (VPR) Technology

Low-Code For APIs

FREE Editions

  • Build APIs with Low-Code Development
  • Generate Microservices Code (Spring Rest)
  • Ready For Deployment in Spring Boot, Spring Cloud or similar
  • Generate Web Services (jax-ws) Code

Low-Code For AI/Machine Learning

Coming Soon!

  • Develop and Deploy AI/Machine Learning with Low-Code
  • Configure and Define your AI use cases and data models
  • Generates Code to deploy in AI Tools

About EasyManage : For Developers & Users

Very appealing for Aspiring & Semi-professional developers! End-Users benefit from great in-built features.

For Developers

Aspiring Developers , Content Creators & Editors:
Build app solutions without need for coding. Develop & Deploy online from cloud No IDE req.

Semi-professional Developers:
Use customization & Integration features, Generate code for microservices, build APIs faster.

Professional Developers:
Use on-premise editions for full customization & Integrations, build and customize microservices / APIs.

For Users

End-Users & Consumers:
Share Content and Apps. Use Copy-Paste inside apps and on apps.

Use In-built features like Query Wizards, Time-Span aware searches, Conversations & Labelling.

About EasyManage : For Partners & Investors

A software technology startup with MVP stage ready products and tools.

For Alliance & Partners

Enable EasyManage Technology in your products & solutions. Offer EasyManage products in your solutions offerings. Contact us today.

For Investors

EasyManage has developed world's first revolutionary technologies. We have ambitious plans for making available AI/ML tools with Low-Code. Get to know us!

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