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Flutter App Customize

Low-Code Customize & Extend - Fultter App


For corresponding details, Please refer to Resources page for locating Github and Videos Learn, Videos, Tutorials

Frontend (FE): Low-Code Customize & Extend

This section contains guides to low-code customize Flutter App.

Flutter Low-Code Customize For Beginners

  • Hide Fields and Columns
  • Add Fields Validations in Form
  • Link Master - Detail Table Screens
  • Misc-01: Refine Navigation, Set Flow, Trim Unused parts, Switch GraphQL|REST
  • Misc-02: SelectableText, Images, Launch URLs
  • Enable Media Players, Uploading
  • Add Dropdown (e.g. foreign key - value)
  • Build real data Graph from graph template code

Flutter Low-Code Customize For Advanced

  • Using Hive to store data locally
  • Global Variables to manage State
  • Enable Periodic Notifications with data from API fetch
  • Use GraphQL Subscriptions
  • Realtime Feed With Notifications
  • Add your own non-EasyManage APIs
  • Setup Splash Screen