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Full-Stack Customize

Low-Code Customize & Extend - Fultter App, GraphQL APIs


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Low-Code Customize & Extend

This section contains guides to low-code customize Flutter App and GraphQL APIs.

Github Folder: /tutorials/customize-extend

Flutter and GraphQL Low-Code Customize

Part 1

  • Use database generated key values upon insert/create record
  • Use Views based on 2 tables
    • Handling Views in Display
    • Handling Views in Input/Edit Saving

Github Folder: Part 1

Part 2

  • Add/Modify/Remove Table Columns
    • Regenerate code, Sync
  • Add/Remove New Screens and Widgets

Github Folder: Part 2

Part 3

  • Setting up Security - Authentication, Authorization, Sign-Up Sign-In, BE/FE
  • Set APIs settings for production in BE/FE

(Details are provided in Security section, refer to Security - Authentication & Authorization .)