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Features Overview

Out-of-box Features



  • Build Mobile Apps Faster and Save Money!
  • 1-Click Develop New Mobile App, Flutter Code is generated, ready for deployment.
  • Get No-Code pre-built App with all Frontend UI Widgets for Flutter.
  • Low-Code customize to Build beautiful, usable products faster.
  • Customizations required are minor and can be accomplished in few hours to couple of days.
  • 1-Click Develop New APIs, API Code for GraphQL or REST is generated, ready for deployment. Supports all data types and Files too.
  • 3-Clicks Move Legacy Apps to Mobile Apps with Cloud based APIs.

Key Features Flutter App

No-Code Low-Code Features

  • Menu - NavBars, BottomNav
  • Display - Data Table, List View
  • Actions - Edit, Delete, View Record Details
  • Forms - Input Form, Edit Form, DropDowns
  • Search - Find Records and display, Column Search
  • Media: Image Viewer, Video Player
  • Media Handling: Upload From Storage,
  • Or Capture Image or Video via Camera
  • Device Storge, Global Variables, Launch URLs
  • Mobile Notifications, Timers

Premium Features:

  • Display Cards, Pagination, Filter Data Screens
  • Graph - Prebuilt template for specific table

Low-Code Customize Features

  • SignUp, OTP Verification, App Login.
  • Security - Role/User based Auth.
  • Add from templates of (apps similar to your idea).
  • Start From Pre-Packaged App and Customize