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Features Details


Setup Security & Authentication

Sign-Up, Sign-In

  • SignUp, OTP Verification, App Login.

Extend to Firebase or Google or Social Authentication

Customize - Authorize Access

  • Security - Role/User based Auth.

Working with APIs

Verify APIs and Global Parameter Settings

Integrate API Customization

Handle inserting data to 2 tables via Create API on View


Setup Splash Screen

Capture Text Enable

  • Device Storge, Global Variables,

UI Customization

Properties - Width, Height, Scaffold, AppBar

Resolve Overflow Issues

Fit Content

Make App Screens Responsive

Design UI customization


Media Handling


  • Upload From Camera or Video Capture,
  • Gallery File Upload
  • Download File

Invoke Viewers & Players on Downloaded File or URLs

  • Image Viewer with Zoom Image
  • Video Player
  • Audio Player

Launch URLs

  • Process URLs as Hyperlinks
  • Display Hyperlinks and On-Click invoke browser

Share Files

  • Let user use share files wizard on Android/etc

  • Media: Image Viewer, Video Player

  • Media Handling: Upload From Storage,

  • Or Capture Image or Video via Camera

Manage App Lifecycle

Incremental development and Maintenance.

Sync Table Changes And Regenerated Code


Show Notification Alerts

Schedule Notification Alerts From API data

  • Mobile Notifications, Timers

Understand Features

List View

Card View

Paginated DataTable View

  • Menu - NavBars, BottomNav

  • Menu SideNav - Drawer and EndDrawer

  • Display - List View, Card View, Data Table

  • Pagination

  • Actions - Edit, Delete, View Record Details

  • Forms - Input Form, Edit Form,

  • DropDowns

  • Filter Data Screens

  • Search - Find Records and display, Column Search

  • Graph - Prebuilt template for specific table

Easily Implment Graph From template

Low-Code Customize Features

Tips & Tricks

Hide Fields (Columns) From Display

Implement Key Column Value Auto Generating

Implement Foreign-Key reference data DropDown selection.

Change Input TextFormField to DropDown

Input Form - Insert into 2 tables

Change Routing after Input, Edit or Delete

Customize or Simplify Filter Screen for Simple Intuitive interface

Save Global variables into Hive

Get Stored values from Hive

Pass and Get Back data from called screen

Use graphql subscription to show record updates

Coming Soon

  • Create/Import from templates of (apps similar to your idea).
  • Start From Pre-Packaged App and Customize

Build and Preview App

  • Disable browser security to enable API call in web mode

  • Troubleshoot API call not working Network/Wi-fi, Verifying IP Address, IP subnet matching, Firewall

Note: Some are Premium Features and may not be available in your Plan.