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Extend Use Cases

Here are some extend use cases for EasyManage.

Learning, Productivity Booster

Learning to Code / Students

- Learn Flutter, Next.js, React
- Learn Backend Development
- Build side projects, showcase in portfolio
- Learn for Coding Tests, hackathons, etc.

Employees / Developers - Skilling | Reskilling

- Freshers to 2 yrs: Skilling for coding
- Experienced developers (2yr to 4yr): increase productivity with dev automation
- Any stage developers upskilling to Full-Stack, or Frontend, or Backend dev


- Got work demanding immediate reskilling ? to full-stack, frontend or backend : EasyManage can help.
- When Customers want faster development with no-code, but also want self hosting

Product Companies

Product Development Where

- Need to build faster and ANY Below
- Need to publish APIs
- Need to support multiple database sources
- Need to develop Data Mesh APIs
- Need to Keep flexibility of db choice, GraphQL or REST for customers
- Need to publish OpenAPI docs, Swagger docs
- Need Custom Integrations | Serverless

Companies evaluating

- Monolith Migration to Microservices REST|GraphQL 

POCs / Projects


- Faster development with ANY of
- Self Hosting
- Fully Customizable Solution
- Has database tables ready
- Team has ONLY 1-type skills FE or BE, and need to cover missing

POCs at Agencies, Companies, Enterprises

- EasyManage is 1-STOP POC Destination
- Do POC & Present in 1-Day
- Do POC , Learn-Orient & Present in 1-3 Days
- Become knowledgeable faster
- POC Example List
- Existing REST APIs : Migrate to : GraphQL , Data Mesh API
- Existing MVC App : convert to : Microservices API - REST or GraphQL
- Migrate Express Backend to Java or vice versa
- Existing Legacy or ThirdParty App : with database tables : Expose/utilize them via API for integrations