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Use Cases

Here are use cases for EasyManage.

EasyManage is used to build Basic to Advanced Mobile-first Apps and full-stack solutions across industry segments to solve real-life problems.

Mobile & Web Apps, Full-stack Solutions

Mobile-first Apps

Build New or Migrate existing

  • 24x7 Services Online
  • 24x7 Ordering Online
  • Any Consumer or Subscriber Portals extend as Mobile App
  • Add Mobile App to your existing Legacy or Web or Desktop based solution

Consumer-Facing or Customer-Facing Apps

Build Ecommerce to order fulfillment apps

  • E-commerce, Service Booking, Grocery, Life style, health-tech apps
  • Customer order fulfillment and support, subscription management.

Business-Facing Apps

  • Vendor Management, Onboarding

Productivity Apps, Intranet Apps

  • Custom apps to automate processes and streamline business operations
  • Sales, marketing, HR, backoffice, planning, budgeting, order processing, training.

Internal Tools

  • Internal Tools: connect to any datasource and build apps and usecases that display and manipulate data.
  • Dashboards, admin panels


Any CRUD type app

  • Core record-keeping-apps
  • Data first apps

API Development

No-Code Backend

  • Create a backend that connects to any frontend via GraphQL or REST.
  • Instant GraphQL or REST API on Any Data
  • Implement API-first approach to standardize data access.
  • Implement API Data Mesh to combine data from multiple data sources in single API.

Microservices Development


Microservices is an architectural style where Monolith applications are broken into small, independent services which handle a specific business capability or sub-domain. Microservices are loosely coupled and communicate with each other via APIs. In DDD (Domain Driven Design) each Microservice has its own distinct Context, known as bounded context, where all terms and entities have a clear, unambiguous meaning.

Build Microservices with REST APIs, GraphQL or Both

  • Achieve Fast development of Full-featured production-grade GraphQL or REST API on Any Data, leverage them to build your Micorservices.
  • Build Microservices in either programming language, Java Spring or Express Node.js.
  • Accomplish Microservices communication with each other via REST or GraphQL.


Modernize Legacy Apps

  • Convert Monolith to Microservices architecture
  • Extend or Migrate Web App to Mobile Native

Modernize or Extend Open Source Apps

  • Build Mobile App for SuiteCRM
  • Build Mobile App for Odoo ERP