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Spring Java APIs Customize

Low-Code Customize - Spring Java APIs


For corresponding details, Please refer to Resources page for locating Github and Videos Learn, Videos, Tutorials

Extend / Customize with In-Place Templates

In-place Templates with pre-built code snippets for code extend or customize are available in generated code in class


Below are available:

  • Template for using: custom sorting
  • Template for implementing Validation
  • Template for implementing: General Customizations: at List and Record Level
  • Template for using: Java Lambda Expression
  • Template for using: Java Stream / parallelStream Reduce
  • Template for using: Java Stream / parallelStream Filter
  • Template for : Count Matching Records: Filter & Count
  • Template for using/implementing: Function<T,R>
  • Template for using/implementing: Consumer<T>

Extend with EasyManage Templates


Extend generated code with EasyManage templates. Template projects contain sample apps, examples, customizations and enhancements to use with EasyManage generated code.

Pease refer to section Backend Templates

Add Layers in Design Pattern

  • One can Introduce Layers in Spring Java APIs Design Pattern
    • Customize and Add DTO Layer, if you really need it.