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Spring Java APIs Customize

Low-Code Customize - Spring Java APIs


For corresponding details, Please refer to Resources page for locating Github and Videos Learn, Videos, Tutorials

Extend / Customize with In-Place Templates

In-place Templates with pre-built code snippets for code extend or customize are available in generated code in class


Below are available:

  • Template for using: custom sorting
  • Template for implementing Validation
  • Template for implementing: General Customizations: at List and Record Level
  • Template for using: Java Lambda Expression
  • Template for using: Java Stream / parallelStream Reduce
  • Template for using: Java Stream / parallelStream Filter
  • Template for : Count Matching Records: Filter & Count
  • Template for using/implementing: Function<T,R>
  • Template for using/implementing: Consumer<T>

Extend with EasyManage Templates


Extend generated code with EasyManage templates. Template projects contain sample apps, examples, customizations and enhancements to use with EasyManage generated code.

See EasyManage: Templates

Add Layers in Design Pattern

  • One can Introduce Layers in Spring Java APIs Design Pattern
    • Customize and Add DTO Layer, if you really need it.