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What can you Build with EasyManage

Basic to Advanced Mobile-first Apps

Build full-stack solutions across industry segments to solve real-life problems
Mobile-first Apps: Build New or Migrate existing

Build Basic to Advanced New mobile-first apps and soutions, or Easily migrate existing apps and solutions to mobile.

Consumer-Facing or Customer-Facing: Build Ecommerce to Order Fulfillment Apps

Build Ecommerce, Service Booking, Grocery, Life style, health-tech apps with developer productivity boost from EasyManage. Increase customer Ex with custom solutions for Customer Order Fulfillment and support, subscription management, and more.

Business-Facing Apps, Internal Tools, Productivity Apps

Build custom apps to automate processes. Streamline business operations, sales, marketing, HR, backoffice, planning, budgeting, order processing, training. Build dashboards, admin panels, and CRUD type apps. Let your team connect to any datasource and build apps and use cases that display and manipulate data. Embrace API-first approach to standardize data access.

Suitable For All Developer Types

Whether you are No-Code Developer or Traditional Developer
You Can Build Faster!

EasyManage is helpful for people with little to no coding knowledge. Get Instant No-Code App and APIs ready with Live data. The code generated is fully customizable. So EasyManage is equally appealing to Traditional Developers.

No-Code Developers
Citizen Developers

You have power to build Apps and APIs without limits.

EasyManage helps you build Mobile App and Backend with No-Code. EasyManage Builder Studio helps you build frontend and backend, generating deploy-ready code.

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Traditional Developers
Software Engineers

EasyManage generates code for downloading. The code is developer friendly.

For traditional developers and seasoned software engineers, you get basic production-ready Apps and APIs ready. Now you can customize them at will. To complete your use case for medium to complex software solutions.

Modular Code

Learning to Code

If you are Learning to Code, Fresher or a Student with aspirations to become a Developer, Take your journey, all along with EasyManage account to help you in building.

Build Your Own Side Projects and Samples/Portfolio rapidly with EasyManage.


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Solutions For

We help Startups, Agencies, SMB/SME, and Enterprises to build apps insanely fast.


Validate your startup business idea, Build and Deploy a MVP App in 3-4 days. Give Users native mobile apps on Android and iOS from day 1 of launch. Iterate and build further. Get Custom no-code app to deploy on your own servers. Beat the competition and dominate the market.


Help your clients faster with cross-platform mobile apps. Choose DIY plans and employ your own no-code developers. With no runtime Lock-In or yearly subcriptions to run apps, EasyManage is preferred choice among no-code tools.


Tired of dealing with multiple freelancers and outsourcing for frontend & backend? EasyManage Offers full mobile application development, from soup to nuts. Fullfill needs of many apps as per business dynamics, reduce backlogs. Get all your apps developed at a fraction of the cost.


3-Clicks Move Legacy Apps to Mobile Apps and Build APIs. Surprise internal users and customers with mobile native apps and beautiful interfaces while keeping costs in budget.


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