Get No-Code Instant RESTFul APIs

For MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server

In Java, Spring stack

EasyManage facilitates turning your database directly into a RESTful API, without writing any code.

Enable Citizen Developers to Build REST APIs without writing code. Customize them at will.

Java, Spring (Full Release)
Code generated for Java, Spring.

Express, Node.js (V2 Release)
Code generated for Express, Node.js.

1-Click Develop New APIs

Customize the API endpoints and operations as you like.


What Makes EasyManage REST Different

Enable Citizen Developers to Build RESTful APIs without writing code. Customize them at will. Generated Code in Spring Boot Rest is extensible with Low-Code.

Serve No-Code Instant RESTFul APIs from any database

1-Click Develop New APIs

1-Click Build APIs with no-code approach, microservice code is generated along with all the artifacts. We are Java, Spring Stack!

No-Code API Generation

Instantly generate RESTful APIs for MySQL, SQL Server or other data sources.

Single Source Of Truth

The data itself. No More Manual CRUD programming.

Abstraction kept intact

Leverage database abstraction directly into frontend, without loosing it in backend.

No-Code Build and Low-Code Customize

A Citizen Developer or Database team member can now create APIs from scratch without writing code. With Low-Code, Customize and extend generated REST APIs.

Focused Scope

DbREST focus is backend. API endpoints built can be used along with other tooling & security layers. This cleanly separates the data-centric CRUD operations from other tooling.

Design APIs

Design APIs with No-Code table schema definitions.

Manage and control all API development activities.

Rapidly build APIs by capturing schemas from database.

Metadata Management & Auto Metadata Mapping

Db connector can proactively capture the metadata for the target it connects to. With table structure and data type information auto captured, developers can easily identify data and save time.


Microservices code generated for Spring Data JPA REST.

Tables & Collections

The Collection oraganizes all endpoints for one table. And the module can be deployed separatly or combined with other Collections.

Organize deployments as per schema or tables you want exposed, and scale up/down depending on demand.

API & Integration Platform

Reduce backlogs, increase productivity

1-Click Develop New APIs, API Code for Spring REST is generated, ready for deployment. Supports all data types. Support for Files is in roadmap.

Connect to Anything: Connect faster with out-of-the-box database schema capture and generating API assets. Leverage Db Connectors and APIs to integrate with any database or app.

Customize and extend APIs with Low-Code Development. Integrate Legacy & Open Source Apps. Reduce Integration Costs.

With Low-Code, build complex API solutions, customize code. Use generated code parts & libraries for APIs such as code artifacts for Spring REST.

Workspaces & Collaboration: Create workspaces for team members to collaborate. Teams can distribute and sync up development work.

No-Code Savings*! Calculator

Developing New APIs ? Moving Legacy Apps to Cloud and Integrating with other apps ? Save Time and Save Costs, compared with traditional methods.


Productivity Up


Time Saved


Costs Saved

*! Projected time and cost savings as per internal standard trials, db tables available. Results may vary for customer specific environments.

API Economy to empower Digital Transformation

The benefits of APIs in modern software development are manifold

Organizations widely use APIs to improve efficiency and profitability by optimizing resources and opening new revenue opportunities through the wider digital ecosystem.

EasyManage solves the critical step of "Create" API in No-Code way of building Microservices.

" EasyManage No-Code approach for APIs is a major breakthru, Microservices code is generated along with all the artifacts, ready to deploy. "

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API Plus - Build & Deploy Microservices

For building APIs, just follow these simple steps:
Connect to & capture the existing tables schema from database, (or define new tables inside EasyManage)
Bookmark or Select the Objects for which you want to build APIs.
Major breakthru comes in next step: Microservices code is generated along with all the artifacts, ready to deploy.
And it further allows you to customize if you need so.
So You are not confined to our generated code but have ability to leverage our productivity tools as starting point to your benefit.

Use Cases

3-Click Move Legacy to Cloud

View Use Case

Features: APIs

Quickly build any custom business software with No-Code Low-Code APIs.

No-Code APIs

Enable Citizen Developers to Build APIs without writing code.

Low-Code APIs

Customize Generated Code in Spring Boot Rest with Low-Code.

APIs: Spring Data JPA REST

Generate and use Spring Data JPA REST APIs Low-Code.

Composable Architecture

Composable API building blocks. Use components from multiple data sources to compose new applications.

API Data Mesh

Merge data from multiple database sources or tables into a single API call. Build with Low-Code in few hours, not days.

Business Logic APIs

Leverage No-Code built API endpoints, and Build Business Logic APIs with Low-Code in few hours, not days.

Powerful Security

Secure every API endpoint with Spring Security, or integrate any desired authentication service such as OAuth2, OAuth, AuthO, Okta.

API Management

Integrate with WSO2 API Manager or other tools.

Compare: DbREST Vs APIs

DbREST is based on Spring Data JPA REST and APIs use EasyManage (EM) libraries to interact with database.
No-Code APIs, Low-Code CustomizeYesYes
API Data MeshYesYes
Business Logic APIsYesYes
Database InteractionSpring Data JPA RESTEM Libraries, JDBC
Table KeysDeveloper ManagedManaged by EM
DatasetPhysical TablesEM Enhanced Datasets, Virtual Tables, Physical Tables
Runtime Lib NeedNoNeed EM Libs
Runtime Lic NeedNoYes


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