Get Instant No-Code Backend and Frontend

Launch Scalable and Secure Apps faster

Build and Ship GraphQL and REST APIs in minutes

Get backend and app with Live Data ready in minutes. EasyManage facilitates turning your database directly into Full-stack App & Backend, without writing any code.

Get Instant Backend in Spring-Java and Flutter App

Power any frontend (Code or No-Code) with scalable & secure APIs.

Download the generated code. Its production grade and fully customizable. No runtime Lock-in. Self-host deployments.

With EasyManage, 1100+ Users are saving money and time

1-Click Develop Backend From existing tables.


Instant GraphQL or REST API on Any Data

Build modern Apps & APIs super fast. Saves your teams months of recurring effort in building, shipping and maintaining APIs.

EasyManage is No-Code/Low-Code platform enabling 60%-80% full-stack development automation.

Blazing Fast, Secured, Scalable. Deliver on a Deadline

No Lock-In, Generated Code is Yours, Customize at will.

Launch your backend in 10 minutes

1-Click Build APIs with no-code approach.

No-Code API Builder

Instantly generate GraphQL and REST APIs for any data source

Get wide database choices

PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, Oracle, Snowflake, (DB2, H2, HSQLDB)

Scale to support millions of users

Provision with Docker and orchestrate by Kubernetes to provide a stable, scalable environment. Choose your server capacity as per the user load.

Powerful Security

Secure every API endpoint with Spring Security, Use Basic Auth or integrate any OAuth2 based authentication service such as Keycloak.

Enterprise Ready

Features like Redis Caching, Logging, Code Coverage SonarQube, Microservices-to-Microservice Communications, Kafka Integration, Lambda Java functions and Serverless Cloud Function Ready (for AWS Lambda, Azure Functions, GCP Functions), Sidecar Docker Microservices.

Why EasyManage

Get No-Code Backend APIs & Frontend App in minutes

Extend with Low-code Customizations and Integrations

Get Instant App with GraphQL and REST APIs without coding


GraphQL | REST

Create a secure backend in minutes.
GraphQL and REST APIs are generated from database tables/views schema already available, or custom created in Builder Studio.

Use backend with EasyManage App or any other Frontend App, built with Flutter, React, React Native, Angular, ...
You can Low-Code Customize APIs to create Business Logic APIs, Product APIs or API Data Mesh.



PostgreSQL, MySQL, MariaDB, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, Oracle, Snowflake, (DB2, H2, HSQLDB)


Implement business logic via Functions. Deploy APIs as Cloud Functions across any serverless cloud providers, AWS Lambda, Azure or Google Cloud. A variety of events can trigger these functions to run.



Build a Flutter App in minutes. App is generated from database tables/views schema and comes connected/wired to EasyManage generated backend. All boilerplate taken care.

Mobile App with Live Data is Ready For Your Customers instantly. You can further customize UI via Low-Code.

Automate Backend & Frontend Development

Instantly Generate Production-ready Code

Save Development Time, Efforts & Costs. Evaluate Benefits With EasyManage FREE Plan.

Benefits For Everyone
No-Code Developers, Citizen Developers, Learning to Code or Experienced Developers
Individuals, Freelancers, Entrepreneurs or Employees at SMB & Enterprises


50-80% of Full-Stack Development. Backend in Spring Java or Express Node.js against PostgreSQL, MySQL, or more. And Frontend in Flutter.

Turn Database Tables

Into REST & GraphQL APIs, Flutter Screens in minutes! Ready with Live Data.

Backend API Developement

Automate and use generated code as productivity booster.

Microservices Development

Learn fast and Save on recurrent development needs.

What Makes EasyManage Obviously Awesome?

Innovations to Boost Developer productivity, Reduce Developer Toil, Reduce backlogs

We have built awesome features to solve backend developer's recurring needs and design problems. Presently available in Spring Java stack.

Flexible SQL-Like Querying


query { 
  ( searchBy: "  productId > 5 and  productType = 'Medicine' and productDesc containsIgnoreCase 'vitamin'  " , 
    sortBy: " productId Desc " , 
	page: 1, 
	size: 10
	) { 
Data Mesh


public List ProductDataMesh() {
  System.out.println("Data Mesh Source #1 Record Count: "+productList.size()); 

  // ---- Combine Data With ------ Get data from GraphQL API call  
  String get_data_url = ""; 
  WebClient webClient1 = WebClient.builder().baseUrl(get_data_url) 
  .defaultHeader(HttpHeaders.CONTENT_TYPE, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE).build(); 

  HttpGraphQlClient graphQlClient = HttpGraphQlClient.builder(webClient1).build(); 
Data Modeling


  "data": {
    "InventoryProductFindOne": {
      "invId": 1,
      "invDate": "19/02/23",
      "invQty": 1050,
      "invLocation": "USA Warehouse 01",
      "Product": {
        "productId": 1,
        "productName": "Amoxicillin",
        "productCategory": "Antibiotics",
        "primarySupplier": "Lupin"
Subscription (WebSocket)


subscription { 
	  (productId: 10) { 
Serverless Cloud Functions


//Function<I, O> 
public Function<Product, Product> ProductCfFunction() {

public Supplier<Flux<List<Product>>> ProductCfSupplierFlux(long productId) { 

public Consumer<Product> ProductCfConsumer () { 
What can you Build with EasyManage Backend

Accomplish Basic to Advanced API Development

Build API solutions across industry segments to solve real-life problems

Build Data API Backends to Microservices with GraphQL or REST APIs. Launch and ship projects for Internal APIs, Data Federation, Data Mesh.

GraphQL APIs

Generate and Serve Instant GraphQL APIs in minutes


Build REST APIs without writing code, Deploy in minutes

Instant Data API Backends

Build Data API Backends without writing code, Deploy in minutes. Expedite your modernization projects. Power any web or mobile app.


Build Microservices with REST APIs or GraphQL. Compose small, independent services which handle a specific business capability via modular EasyManage API projects.

Modernization Backbone

Modernize Legacy Apps, Modernize or Extend Open Source Apps, Convert Monolith to Microservices architecture

Data Federation | Data Mesh

Merge data from multiple sources like APIs, GraphQL or REST, databases or tables into a single API call, via Low-Code. Automate 70% of such backend development.

Backend API Development Dilemmas

Here are some dilemmas faced and How EasyManage can help solve them.

Modernization Projects
Choose Microservices or Data API Backend?

Migrating from Monolith to Microservices approach is time-consuming and introduces need for Backend for Frontend (BFF) to consume decentralized API data.
Alternative way is to migrate Monolith to Data API Backend to save costs and efforts required for Microservices.

EasyManage facilitates adopting to Data API Backend way out-of-box. With either REST or GraphQL.
Easily Use GraphQL subgraphs (Data API on domain data) to compose supergraph, and eliminate data access and integration challenges.

For Microservices approach with REST or GraphQL, EasyManage automates 60-80% of efforts.

Go with GraphQL or REST?

If existing developers are experienced and confortable with REST. Start the project with REST. One can introduce GraphQL gradually and over period leverage all benefits of GraphQL.

With EasyManage, get started on GraphQL without GraphQL expert, Save months of recurring effort.

EasyManage provides and supports both REST and GraphQL via 70-80% common code base. So if there is a need to switch, Your costs are in control.

Change to
Vendor Teck Stack & Data Source or Keep Yours?

Go with Leading Teck Stacks such as Spring Java or Express Node.js against PostgreSQL, MySQL, MS SQL Server, or more.

With EasyManage, Multiple Leading Tech Stacks & Data Sources are Covered.

Suitable For All Developer Types

Whether you are No-Code Developer or Traditional Developer
You Can Build Faster!

EasyManage is helpful for people with little to no coding knowledge. Get Instant No-Code App and APIs ready with Live data. The code generated is fully customizable. So EasyManage is equally appealing to Traditional Developers.

No-Code Developers
Citizen Developers

You have power to build Apps and APIs without limits.

EasyManage helps you build Mobile App and Backend with No-Code. EasyManage Builder Studio helps you build frontend and backend, generating deploy-ready code.

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Traditional Developers
Software Engineers

EasyManage generates code for downloading. The code is developer friendly.

For traditional developers and seasoned software engineers, you get basic production-ready Apps and APIs ready. Now you can customize them at will. To complete your use case for medium to complex software solutions.

Modular Code

Learning to Code

If you are Learning to Code, Fresher or a Student with aspirations to become a Developer, Take your journey, all along with EasyManage account to help you in building.

Build Your Own Side Projects and Samples/Portfolio rapidly with EasyManage.



Skilling, Reskilling & Upskilling

Take your skilling journey, all along with EasyManage account to help you in building and coding practice. EasyManage is a comprehensive platform for learning and practicing coding.

Make Use Of FREE Learner Promotion

Upskilling Java to Microservices Developer
Upskilling REST to GraphQL Developer
Skilling Full-Stack Developer

Know More Free Plan

EasyManage Vision

Building software is time-consuming. Many recurrent development needs take a lot of developer's time and cost dearly in shipping times.

EasyManage has identified Ways to Speed Up Repetitive Tasks in development. We have solved this problem with development automation and no-code/low-code. And we aim to solve these challenges in all leading tech stacks.

For starters, Lets consider Backend development using Java Spring. We have identified and solved below mentioned challenges:

  • Leverage Data Source, Turn Database Tables Into REST & GraphQL APIs, Flutter Screens in minutes! Ready with Live Data.
  • Build faster: Data API Backends, REST APIs, Microservices Development, GraphQL APIs, Create Subgraphs, Add-to Supergraphs and Federations.
  • No-Code build to automate 60-80% of full-stack development and utilize Citizen developers for up to 70% or work.
  • 1-Click Mix and Match Configuration setup for configuration needs such as: Choosing Tech Stack Main Versions, Security, Adding Extensions and Integrations such as Code Coverage, Logging ELK, Microservices Communications, Cloud Functions, Event-driven development using Kafka, and more.

EasyManage is starting with backend APIs development using Java Spring and Frontend development using Flutter. And It will set velocity to replicate these techniques in Top-3 most popular tech stacks.

Don't take our word for it, try today, its Free! Do write us if you find it useful or have any suggestions.

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Automate 50%-80% of API & Microservices Development

No-Code Developers can contribute for upto 60-80% of work

Take your development journey, all along with EasyManage account to help you in building. Try EasyManage today, It's absolutely free. No Credit Card Required.


API Features

Great GraphQL and REST API features which solve many recurrent development needs. Know More


Enterprise Ready Features

Security OAuth2, RBAC, Caching, Logging, Code Coverage SonarQube, Scalability, Docker Kubernetes, Self Host. Know More


Microservices Features

Microservice-to-Microservice Communications with Provider-Service & Consumer-Service, Logging - ELK Stack, Kafka Events, Streams (Templates), Docker Microservices. Know More

Generating 5 Million Lines of Code in 5 min

Code and assets generated for a Modernization project. EasyManage generates Production-Grade code in minutes.


Lines Of Code*!


No Of Assets*!


Flutter Screens*!


GraphQL APIs*!


Days Saved*!


Costs Saved*!


Angular (Preview) Screens*!



*! Projected Calculations for Odoo ERP Schema with 598 tables/views, code generated in 5 min. Per Table: * Flutter Screens : 11, * Angular (Preview) Screens: 2, * GraphQL APIs : 8, * REST APIs : 7. Projected approximate calculations for Days Saved and Costs Saved. Results may vary for customer specific projects and schema. View/Download zip file with screen shots from the project.

Developers Love EasyManage, Customers Save Costs

EasyManage is developer-friendly and suits both beginners & professional!


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