EasyManage No-Code Platform : Empowering End-Users with Copy-Paste Content

Worldfirst platform giving Data Interoperability into End-User hands! Build Faster & Unlock Value in your Data with No-Code applications, workflows, spreadsheets & APIs.

  • SMBs / SMEs Wishing To Embrace Customer Facing Digitization : Our No-Code platform can make it happen.
  • Businesses Spending Significant Amount Dollars On API Development? SAVE upto 75% costs.

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Our Focus

Education - Students & Teachers

To Create, Share, Research, Express

  • Educational institutes world-wide are increasingly adopting to No-Code platforms ?
  • Deploy our No-Code platform On-premise, presently available under Free promotion.
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Healthcare - Providers & consumers

Enable Copy-Paste & Vendor Portable Records

  • Do you want to empower healthcare providers and consumers to manage their interactions and data ?
  • Deploy our No-Code platform On-premise, manage multi-vendor formats , enable copy-paste.
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SMB / SME, Enterprises

Enable Citizen Developers to produce Apps & APIs

  • Do you wish to Reduce backlogs, increase productivity ?
  • Deploy our No-Code platform On-premise, Get started free.
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Our Offerings

For Education, SMB / SMEs, Businesses, Healthcare

Spreadsheet plus Database
Simple Database + Spreadsheet solution, Create worksheets, Variety Of Data Types supported

Forms, Simple Apps
Digitize Forms, build simple apps and workflows, automate manual processes

Collaboration - Workflow & Information
(Mini-workflow Approval System)
In-built approval system for workflows saves development efforts and automates processes faster

EasyManage Portal
Share apps and information with consumers or public users. Make available forms for public, capture data and submit.

No-Code APIs - Generate & Deploy
Build & Deploy database APIs with no-code approach, microservice code is generated along with all the artifacts, ready for deployment. You can leverage existing database tables or create new tables via our no-code visual development approach.

Data Transfer Tools
Data Transfer tools for B2B and P2P data transfer. Easily Connect to, Map, extract and copy data from your database or web apps. P2P data exchange & transfer via simple "copy-paste inside apps" feature.

Enable EasyManage Technology
In your products & solutions. Let your Customers get extended offerings with self-build forms, app extensions, inbuilt mini-workflow approval system. Enable "copy-paste inside apps" in your solutions. Build & offer your APIs

On Mobile Devices, DIW

EasyManage Platform Mobile App
EasyManage Platform Mobile App, FREE Download and use for P2P sharing. Access native device capabilities.

Digital Information Wallet (DIW)
For information exchange. Provides companies a channel to share customer information & experience with consumers

EasyManage Benefits

Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT!

Build Faster with EasyManage Platform

The best combined platform that empowers you with No-Code & Low-Code development, helping build applications, workflows, spreadsheets & APIs.

  • Enable more people from your teams to build solutions without code. Citizen developers and business users become software builders.
  • Boost productivity of Developers with Low-Code Solutions. Jump-start with App Components and Microservices generated code, Customize further to build complex solutions faster.
  • For Businesses, new opportunities will open up, enabling you to move faster, and be more productive & innovative than ever before.

For Businesses & Developers:
Improve productivity, Reduce costs, Lower the dependence on IT, Easy to maintain apps, Embrace incremental development. Flexible Apps - change easily. Improve Customer EX. Faster Digital Transformation.
For Users:
Get all your Content, App stories in one place. Use copy-paste inside apps and on apps. Curate and share content easily.

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Are you a Business or SME (Small and Medium Enterprises) sticking to traditional application development approaches? Chances are, you are losing a lot on the competitive edge. While SMEs play a major role in most economies today, they are stranded with low business app productivity. There is, however, a remedy. In this whitepaper, find out how EasyManage No-Code Low-Code Solution will boost your Business Apps Productivity and bring you back on track.

If you are a CIO looking to make Digital Transformation effective or a Developer who is bogged down in workloads, adopting a No-Code Low-Code solution is the number one choice. Download the whitepaper to embrace no-code low-code adoption.

EasyManage No-Code Low-Code Solutions to Boost Business Apps Productivity


Getting Started Guide

Getting Started Guide

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