No-Code plus Data Collaboration

Enable Citizen Developers to Build Applications & APIs without writing code.

Use Spreadsheets, inbuilt database & inline Workflows. Deliver digital solutions faster.

Get Modern Data workspace and Application Integration components for your data platform.


What Makes EasyManage Different

No-Code platform with team collaboration, a modern data workspace with data collaboration tools, low-code for customization and complex solutions.

No-Code with Team Collaboration

1-Click Develop New APIs

1-Click Build APIs with no-code approach, microservice code is generated along with all the artifacts. We are Java, Spring Stack!

Apps, Spreadsheets

Build solutions based on Web Apps, Database Apps. Use Spreadsheets and inline workflows.

Improve Team Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing

Teams collaborate with easy by creating and sharing apps & knowledge.

3-Clicks Move Legacy Apps to Cloud Apps and Build APIs

3-Clicks Move, #1 Import database tables & generate forms, #2 Prepare them, #3 Build/Generate APIs, all this in 10min!

Use Copy-Paste inside Apps & Vendor Portable Records

Powerful Copy-Paste feature, VPR (Vendor Portable Records) support multiple formats, give interoperability. Synchronize & Backup Apps.

Advanced Features

Low-Code Features for Advanced Users to build complex apps and solutions, customize & plug-in with your code, integrate and connect with other apps.

No-Code, Team Collaboration, Low-Code

Reduce backlogs, increase productivity

1-Click Develop New APIs, API Code for Spring REST is generated, ready for deployment. Supports all data types and Files too.

3-Clicks Move Legacy Apps to Cloud Apps and Build APIs

Build solutions based on Web Apps, Database Apps

Use Spreadsheet with inbuilt database, Variety Of Data Types supported

Digitize Forms, Publish on Website, Capture inputs

Improve Team Collaboration & Knowledge Sharing. Sync Apps, have discussions, add comments, use inbuilt brainstorming features.

With Low-Code, build complex solutions, customize code & add plug-in scripts. Use generated code parts & libraries such as App Components for Angular, APIs & artifacts for Spring REST, SOAP JAX-WS, JAXB.

No-Code Savings*! Calculator

Developing New APIs ? Moving Legacy Apps to Cloud and Integrating with other apps ? Save Time and Save Costs, compared with traditional methods.


Productivity Up


Time Saved


Costs Saved

*! Projected time and cost savings as per internal standard trials, db tables available. Results may vary for customer specific environments.

Modern Data Workspace with Data Collaboration

Modern Data Workspace

A virtual hub for data assets, teams can create a single source of truth for all their data assets

Data Collaboration

Enables teams to collaborate across the modern data stack

Data Lake

Teams and for the first time, consumers have ability to create and own data lakes.

Metadata Management

Manage & handle metadata easily. The problem of headless data (without metadata) flowing thru data stack is "solved once for all".

Data Collection & Sharing

Data ecosystem to democratize data collection and sharing

Application Integration

A modern data platform has application integration as important component. We solves this with no-code/low-code API enablement.

Complement Your Modern Data Platform:

Data Catalog & Discovery

Make Data Catalogs instantly discoverable.

Metadata Management

Manage & handle metadata easily.

Data Collaboration

Collaborate via Data Sharing, Extraction, Copy-Paste data assets, eMail Integration, share with others. Teams use inline workflows & brainstorming.

Data Exploration & Integrations

Even non-technical users can directly query across multiple data assets, using our query wizards, save queries, share with others. Integrations with other systems come via API enablement and email integrations.

Data Quality & Profiling

Manage Data Quality & Profiling with Data Lebeling and editing. Flag data, mark sensitive, duplicates, etc. Label data for AI feeding. Capture missing information via easily extending data model, add columns.

Data Governance

Data is secured, Authorize data access to Users with fine granularity such as Read Only, Edit, Delete, etc. Create Groups to manage Role based access authorizations.

Modern Data Stack

Benefits of Modern Data Workspace with Data Collaboration Tools

By acting as a virtual hub for data assets ranging from tables and spreadsheets to files and emails, EasyManage enables teams to create a single source of truth for all their data assets and collaborate across the modern data stack through movable data assets and integrations.

Share data assets as easily as sharing a link on Google Docs.

EasyManage is viewed as, a next-generation data ecosystem that provides human powered, opted-in data to democratize data collection or sharing, between businesses & consumers.

EasyManage Data Lake concept:
Data Lakes Aggregate All Data, Independent Of Format Or Source. Using Easymanage Digital information wallet, Teams and for the first time, consumers have ability to create and own data lakes, with data from sources such as: [Structured Data Sources] Data shared by apps, Invoices and receipts, Online forms, Spreadsheets, CRM Profiles, And [Unstructured Data Sources] Emails, Social media content (Future roadmap).

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