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Description Start on your initial idea Build faster Build and Launch Apps or Backend Expand business or Build for clients Empower your team For scalable, secure and compliant solutions
Promo Features!&EnterpriseEnterpriseEnterprise
Developer Seats11115
ImpGen Quota30100160400800
Download Code Upto Duration7 Days15 Days30 Days30 Days30 Days
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Great For MVPs, POCs, Showcase Initial App or Backend Simple Apps and Backends Consumer-Facing or Customer-Facing Apps and Backends B2B or D2C Apps with Complex Features, Full-stack including scalable Backend Teams collaboration and scaling to deliver projects Internal Tools, Customer Facing Apps, Legacy Modernization Projects, Migrate Monolith to Microservices, Data Mesh

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Description For Learning
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Data SourcesMySQLMySQL
Gen Code Choice1 Frontend
1 Backend
1 Frontend
1 Backend
Starter plan features plusStandard plan features plusPro plan features plus
Backend Spring Java
Security In-Place-RBAC, Basic AuthRBAC, Basic AuthRBAC, OAuth2 Keycloak
API Featuers - Spring Java
Premium Group 1
• Search, Filter, Sorting (SelectWhere) REST-
• Tests UT IT-
• Extend In-Place Templates-
• API Logging-
• Configure Parts (Coming Soon)-
Premium Group 2
• Search, Filter, Sorting (SelectWhere) GraphQL--
• GraphQL Subscription--
• Data Modeling (Nested Objects)--
• CI/CD Jenkins, Dockerfile--
• API Data Mesh--
• Code Coverage--
• API Keys (Coming Soon)--
Premium Group 3
• Cloud Functions---
• Redis Cache---
• API Logging - ELK Stack---
• Docker-Compose---
• Microservices Features---
• - Communicate Consumer-Service---
• - Event-Driven - Kafka Events, Streams---
• - Docker Microservices---
• Security Customizable Fine-grain RBAC (Coming Soon)---
Backend Express Node.js
Security In-Place-Basic AuthBasic AuthBasic Auth
API Featuers - Express
Premium Group 1
• Search, Filter, Sorting (SelectWhere) REST-
Premium Group 2
• Search, Filter, Sorting (SelectWhere) GraphQL--
Frontend Flutter
Frontend Featuers - Flutter
Premium Group 1
• Login Screen, Sign-Up-
• API calling Security-
• Search, Filter, Sorting (Filter Screen)-
Premium Group 2 (Coming Soon)
• Google Play Store Ready--
• Social Logins Google/Firebase--
• Templates: E-Commerce, Shopping Cart--
Premium Group 3 (Coming Soon)
• Mobile App Vs API Versioning Management---
Frontend All Other
Frontend Featuers - As Per Stack
Next.js React, React Native, Angular (TS)

!% EasyManage Plan Licensing - Usage and Restrictions
Plan Downgrade: In case of withdrawal of promotion or you choosing plan downgrade, new database import and code generation will be as per new plan quota and features, previously generated code will be available as per listed duration. Free plan will be assigned if no paid plans are in effect. We will allow/keep your builder studio configurations for higher plan as much as possible, in case you will come back to higher plan (no guarantees though).

Use in SaaS Projects - You can use our products and service to create an application where the end user is charged with i) a monthly/annually subscription plan (SaaS - Software as a Service), and/or ii) a success fee based on end user's transcations or volume.
Are there any type of restriction regarding the EasyManage Plans and License?
Yes, you just cannot create products or businesses that are in direct competition to us using our products:
o You can’t re-distribute the Generated Source Item outputs as stock, in a tool or template, with source files. You can’t do this with a Generated Source Item on its own or bundled with other Generated Source Item. You can’t re-distribute or make available the Generated Source Item as-is or with superficial modifications. For example: You can’t license a Generated Source Item and then make it available as-is on your website or via your solution for your users to download.
o You can’t use the Generated Source Item in any application allowing an end-user to customize a digital or physical product to their specific needs, such as an "on-demand", "made to order" or "build it yourself" application. You can use the Generated Source Item in this way only if you purchase a separate generation service from us for each final product for each of your user, incorporating the Generated Source Item that is created using the application. For example: you can't create a no-code app or api builder. Or sell our no-code generated sources to multiple users.

!& FREE Plan, Free Learner, FREE Beta, Upgraded Features are Limited time promotions, no guarantees on applicability for all, applicable as per fair number of free users internal capacity.

!# DIY On-Premise - refers to Do-It-Yourself activities post downloading code.
- DIY Apps/APK For Web, Android, iOS.
- DIY Low-Code Customization.
- DIY Live App Run & Preview.
Please note some features may not be available on all platforms e.g. Notifications.

ImpGen Quota: Means quota number for each table import and each table generate code.
Daily Quota: or DayMax quota indicates per day max limit, is same as quota when not mentioned. It is set as part of fair usage policy.
Each Table generates 7 Flutter Programs (Screens) and GraphQL and REST End Points.
DbSource: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQL Server. (On request: We will enable other db sources). Runtime supports more dbs.
Max Table Columns: 40. Custom plans can support more, e.g. 200 columns.

Db Type Limit : Refers to no of allowed Db types from the supported list, available/enabled in Plan.
FE/BE Type Limit : Refers to no of allowed FE (Frontend) / BE (Backend) types each, from the supported list, available/enabled in Plan.
If these are not mentioned, it means no limit, all supported are available.

Agency Plans:
Inquire about our Partner Plans for Agencies. They are meant for Development Agencies, Freelancers, Makers And Designers who Build for their Clients.

Refund and Cancellation :
No Refund Policy for all Purchases, Services and Subscriptions :
We offer services on terms that require you making advance payments. This applies to all services such as subscriptions, metered plans, hire no-code developers, and we build solutions for you.
Our refund policy is no refunds. No refunds are allowed for payments already made, under any circumstances.
For Subscriptions, If you don't want to subscribe any more, You may cancel the subscription. The account remains active till end of previously paid subscribed term.


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