Automate 50-80% of full-stack development

• Save Costs & Deliver Faster With No-Code Low-Code
• Get up to 60% Productivity Boosted, 70% Costs Saved
• EasyManage is the proven No-Code Low-Code Methodology

EasyManage Generates Code for Frontend App and Backend GraphQL & REST APIs

What is EasyManage?

Low-Code Full-stack Development Platform

EasyManage helps you build Mobile App and Backend with No-Code. EasyManage Builder Studio helps you build frontend and backend, generating deploy-ready code. Extend with Low-code Customizations and Integrations

Turn your data into full-stack software

Why EasyManage?

Building App is Expensive

EasyManage helps people who need digital tools but don’t have the time to learn coding languages or the budgets to add on expensive full-time developer resources.

Create customizable, usable, and affordable full-stack solutions.

Save Costs, Reduce developer toil, deliver fast!

For Whom?

Full-stack, Frontend, Backend Development With

Next.js React
React Native, Angular

Express Node.js GraphQL/REST
Spring Java GraphQL/REST

Figma Design Creation

ASP.Net Core, Django, Flask,
React.js, Next.js, Vue.js

Automate 50-80% Of Development

As Per App Type
Save Costs & Timelines In All Kinds Of Solutions

Guaranteed Savings In Any App Developed, From Consumer Facing Apps to Internal Tools

Automate at least 40% Dev in any App Developed Using Flutter, GraphQL or REST, and using database

Furthermore, Utilize Beginners, And ‘Learning to Code’ For Upto 70% work. Use Generated Code, and Low-Code Customize to complete use case, keeping expert developer needs to 30%.

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GraphQL - Flexible SQL-Like Querying

query { 
  ( searchBy: "  productId > 5 and  productType = 'Medicine' and productDesc containsIgnoreCase 'vitamin'  " , 
    sortBy: " productId Desc " , 
	page: 1, 
	size: 10
	) { 
Automate 50-80% Full-stack Dev while building Customer Facing Apps, Business Facing Apps, Internal Tools with Mobile App

Have some developer staff ? Boost them 3X. Attn. Agencies, Freelancers, Startups, Internal Dev Teams. Furthermore, Benefit from No Lock-In (Runtime), and Keep Data Under Your Control.

Modular Code

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Automate 40-60% Full-stack Dev while building Consumer Facing Apps

Create branded mobile apps for your customers. Use EasyManage generated App, Customize beautiful UI/UX via partnering with Figma Designers. Attn. Agencies, Freelancers, Startups. Furthermore, Benefit from No Lock-In (Runtime), Customization Flexibility & Control for Ongoing Changes.

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How it works

Get No-Code Frontend App & Backend APIs in minutes

Extend with Low-code Customizations and Integrations


Build a frontend app in minutes. App is generated from database tables. Mobile App with Live Data is Ready For Your Customers instantly. Low-Code customize to extend or complete your use case.
Preview Available For

Next.js React

React Native



GraphQL | REST

Express Node | Spring

Create a backend in minutes. GraphQL and REST APIs are generated from database tables. Use with any Frontend App. Low-Code Customize to extend or create Data Mesh, Data Federation.

How much code is Generated ?

Know exactly what and how much code is generated.

Know Here



Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, (DB2, H2, HSQLDB).


Implement business logic via functions. Deploy APIs as cloud functions across any serverless providers, AWS Lambda, Azure or Google Cloud. A variety of events can trigger these functions to run.


Extend your app via low-code with add-ons and integrations to support your complete use case.
Security: SSL Https, Authentication via OAuth, JWT, Firebase, Email or OTP verification, Google Sign-In. Cloud Storage, AdMob, Payment Gateways, App Analytics, Email, Calendar, etc.

Mobile App Development Savings*# Calculator

EasyManage is on a mission to reduce and eliminate developer toil in mobile app development.

By automating repetitive, monotonous but significant part of development in frontend and backend both, we provide better developer experience. Day-to-day stress levels of Developers are reduced, and they focus more on solving novel problems and inventing new solutions.

Save Time and Save Costs, compared with traditional methods.


Automate Frontend Dev


Automate Backend Dev


Costs Saved On $447 spend

*# Projected time and cost savings as per internal standard trials, db tables available. Cost saved calculated for typical mobile development project achieving 40% automation: Offshore [Development Rate 20$ hr x 3 Developers = $12,000 / month ) + Sr Dev Rate 30$ hr x 1 Developer (1/2 day) = $3,000 /month] x 3 Months = (15000 x 3) = $45,000. Then Savings of 40% = $18,000. EasyManage Plan Used $149 per month x 3 = $447. Results may vary for customer specific environments.

Automate Development, Up To What Percent ?

How much Development Automation is possible$^ indicator
Project TypeBuild UsingAutomate Up to
Full-stack Flutter + Spring GraphQL (Any Db) 50-80%
Full-stack Flutter + Spring {REST} (Any Db) 50-80%
Full-stack Flutter + Express GraphQL or REST (Any Db) 50-70%
Frontend Flutter App 50-60%
Frontend Next.js React App 40%
Frontend React Native App 20%
Frontend Angular App 20%
Frontend UI Design Figma Design Creation 30%
Backend Backend Spring GraphQL (Any Db) 70-80%
Backend Backend Spring REST (Any Db) 70-80%
Backend Backend Express GraphQL (Any Db) 60-70%
Backend Backend Express REST (Any Db) 60-70%

$^ Estimated Projected Calculations with EasyManage products. Results may vary for customer specific situations. Some of our tech stack realeases are initial release or preview release, and hence lower % of automation is possible. Any Db means any of our supported database for the given framework. Full-stack means building Customer Facing Apps, Business Facing Apps, or Internal Tools with Mobile App

Figma Design Automation

Create Figma Designs from your database tables. Automate 60% of design creation.

EasyManage is solving Designer Toil.

Figma Designers, No more creating designs by mundane, repetitive, manual method. Get Figma Designs in minutes from your data. Create figma designs from any number of tables (50 or 500) in just 5 min. Enhance and refine them to produce beautiful designs.

Convert any database into fully editable Figma Designs. Use EasyManage create design automation.

Automate 60% of design creation.

Leverage existing database schemas and import its tables/views to create figma input forms based on them, without building each form and its elements from scratch.

Edit the created designs as much you like to produce your final designs.

EasyManage generates code for Figma Plugin "EasyManage Create Design" as part of building apps.


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