Why EasyManage

Get No-Code Frontend App & Backend APIs in minutes

Extend with Low-code Customizations and Integrations

Get Instant Flutter App with GraphQL or REST APIs without coding



Build a frontend app in minutes. App is generated from database tables/views schema available (or tables created in tool) and comes connected to EasyManage generated backend.

Mobile App with Live Data is Ready For Your Customers instantly. You can further customize UI via Low-Code.

Preview Available: React Native and Angular


GraphQL | REST

Create a backend with authentication in minutes.
GraphQL and REST APIs are generated from database tables/views schema available (or created in tool).

Use backend with EasyManage App or any other Frontend App, built with Flutter, React, React Native, Angular, etc.
You can further Customize APIs or create Data Mesh services via Low-Code.

Full Release: Java, Spring
Preview Release: Express Node.js



Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, (DB2, H2, HSQLDB).
Planned: Firebase, mongoDB


Implement business logic via functions. Deploy APIs as cloud functions across any serverless providers, AWS Lambda, Azure or Google Cloud. A variety of events can trigger these functions to run.



Extend your app via low-code with add-ons and integrations to support your complete use case.
Security: SSL Https, OAuth, JWT, more.
Authentication: Firebase, Email or OTP verification, Google Sign-In.
Cloud Storage: Firebase, Google Drive, others.
AdMob : In-App advertisements.
Payment Gateway: Stripe, PayPal, more.
App Analytics: Google Analytics.
Misc: Email, Google Calendar, Calendly, Zoom.
Web Viewer: Access webpages, JavaScript supported.

Build Mobile And Web Apps In Hours

Automate 50-80% of full-stack development

What Makes EasyManage Different

EasyManage provides both Frontend & Backend

Get Instant Flutter App with GraphQL or REST APIs without coding

Frontend: Flutter App with App Infrastructure & Data Handler
Flutter App

EasyManage generates ready-to-use Flutter App of CRUD type, suitable for usecases in health-tech, edu-tech, and more

Low-Code Customize

Low-code customize to build advanced apps and add integrations

App Infrastructure, Data Handler

Use generated Flutter App as Infrastructure plus Data Handler and extend/add your UI/UX Design via low-code.

Basic to Advanced Apps

Automate 70%-80% of frontend development

Consumer-Facing Apps

If you need designer made looks for app, and have UI/UX Designs, add them via low-code customization, and still automate 50%-70% of frontend development.

Backend: GraphQL APIs | REST APIs | Data Federation, Data Mesh
GraphQL APIs

Generate and Serve Instant GraphQL APIs in minutes


Build REST APIs without writing code, Deploy in minutes

Databases supported

Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL (DB2, H2, HSQLDB)

Instant Backend

Build backend without writing code, Deploy in minutes. EasyManage generates ready-to-use GraphQL APIs & REST APIs, for use with our generated app or any other mobile or web app, automating 70%-80% of backend development.

Data Federation | Data Mesh

Merge data from multiple sources like APIs, GraphQL or REST, databases or tables into a single API call, via Low-Code. Automate 70% of such backend development.

Top Reasons

To Choose EasyManage

Automate Full Stack Development, Create No-Code Backend, Create No-Code Flutter App, Become Developer, Employee Reskilling & Upskilling

Get Instant Flutter App with GraphQL or REST APIs without coding

Programming Automation

Templates & Screens

Get started with ready-to-use Templates & Screens. Get a jump-start at Open Source Modernization.

Use Available templates for ERP and CRM full-stack solutions. Available upon request.

For Students

How to Become a Developer

Learn industry-relevant No-Code Low-Code skills

Get right skill-sets to become a developer with Free Self-Learning Track of EasyManage Full-stack Developer Program.

FREE Plan Know More

For Employees

Reskilling & Upskilling

Get Workforce Agility While Delivering Growth Options for Employees

Until now, the reskilling and upskilling of the workforce has never been so easy and cost effective. Provide on-the-job training and utilize resource for real-world projects while undertaking programs.
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More Generic Reasons

Get Boost In Product Development Requirements, 1-Stop POC Shop, Modernizations

Product Development Needs

Solve Them In Days

Solve any of Needs to

  • Publish APIs
  • Support multiple database sources
  • Develop Data Mesh APIs
  • Keeping flexibility of choices on either db vendor
  • or GraphQL Vs REST API type
  • Publish OpenAPI docs | Swagger docs
  • And when needed Custom Integrations, Serverless


1-Stop POC Destination

Get POCs Done & Presented in 1-Day

Get done frequently needed POCs with ease. e.g.

  • Migrate existing REST APIs to GraphQL
  • Create Data Mesh APIs
  • Convert existing Legacy or MVC App to Microservices
  • Create APIs - REST and/or GraphQL
  • Add integrations to existing Legacy or ThirdParty Apps
  • Migrate React App to Next.js



Modernize Legacy or Open Source Apps

Legacy Apps:

  • Convert Monolith to Microservices architecture
  • Extend or Migrate Web App to Mobile Native

Modernize or Extend Open Source Apps: e.g.

  • Build Mobile App for SuiteCRM
  • Build Mobile App for Odoo ERP


Building Software is Expensive

What Are the Pain Points We Are Aiming to Solve

From Agencies to Enterprises, Freshers to Traditional Developers, Take your journey with EasyManage to help you in building!

Companies, Enterprises

Budgets Cuts is norm, Developer costs have skyrocketed, There is talent shortage, Backlog of deliverables increasing

Save Costs & Timelines with No-Code Low-Code. Automate 50-80% of development on new projects. Boost Developer Productivity, Utilize Citizen Developers to counter talent shortage, Reduce Developer Toil. Reduce backlogs.

Agencies, Freelancers

Customers prefer Mobile Apps, they want flexibility of cross-platform & database choice. Clients want more features in same costs. Fullfilment dilemma over Customer sentiments of using No-Code to deliver faster but no lock-in and Self-Hosting to control on-going costs.

EasyManage offers Self-Hosting and no runtime lock-in. Deliver faster & Save Costs with No-Code Low-Code. One development project supports mobile or web development via cross-platform, all popular database choices supported. Deliver better results and grow your client base!


Business dynamics demand building custom Apps and incrementally enhancing them, Dealing with multiple providers, outsourcing is tiresome

EasyManage Offers full mobile application development, from soup to nuts. Fullfill needs of many apps as per business dynamics. Get all your apps developed at a fraction of the cost than outsourcing them.

What Makes EasyManage Obviously Awesome?

Build modern Apps & APIs super fast. Save your teams months of recurring effort in building, shipping and maintaining software.

3-Click Build Full-stack

3-Click Build full-stack App and APIs with no-code approach from available database tables!

Multiple Leading Tech Stacks Covered

Instantly Generate code for leading tech stacks and data sources. You can Download all production grade source code. Which is fully customizable.

Self-Hosting, No Lock-in

We offer Self-Hosting and no runtime lock-in, so you will be in control of on-going costs! Deployment has only open source dependencies.

Serve No-Code Instant GraphQL or REST APIs from any database

APIs have Built in Authorization, are blazing fast, and are ready for external or internal API consumers. Both leading tech stacks Springboot Java and Express Node.js supported.

Data Modeling

You will love using GraphQL and REST Data Modeling features and generate code. Currently supported for Spring-java project.

Bring Your Own Frontend or Backend

Our frontend or backend will work with your counterpart solution.

Build Mobile App Easy Way!

Your vision. Your App. We just build it.

Proven No-Code Methodology In Frontend And Backend Development,
60% Productivity Boosted, 70% Costs Saved!

Kick-off with your App

Get on a call with our expert. Discuss on what you want to build. Pick Up Pre-packaged App or Go Custom. We will give you a proposal with price for standard pre-packaged app and estimate & rough timeline for custom requirements. Then start working with us.

We Build Your Branded Mobile App and Backend

1. Backend: APIs and Cloud Server is deployed on our hosted platform.

2. Mobile App: Mobile App is built and Andorid APK App with Live Data is made accessible to you!

3. Mobile App: Is published to Google Play Store.

Mobile App with Live Data Ready For Your Customers!

Once available, customers Download from Google Play Store and start using your app.

Customer Case Study: Watch Solution in Action

FeedsInfo 24x7 (India)

Download and Use : Book Services 24x7


Mobile App Development Savings*# Calculator

EasyManage is on a mission to reduce and eliminate developer toil in mobile app development.

By automating repetitive, monotonous but significant part of development in frontend and backend both, we provide better developer experience. Day-to-day stress levels of Developers are reduced, and they focus more on solving novel problems and inventing new solutions.

Save Time and Save Costs, compared with traditional methods.


Automate Frontend Dev


Automate Backend Dev


Costs Saved On $447 spend

*# Projected time and cost savings as per internal standard trials, db tables available. Cost saved calculated for typical mobile development project achieving 40% automation: Offshore [Development Rate 20$ hr x 3 Developers = $12,000 / month ) + Sr Dev Rate 30$ hr x 1 Developer (1/2 day) = $3,000 /month] x 3 Months = (15000 x 3) = $45,000. Then Savings of 40% = $18,000. EasyManage Plan Used $149 per month x 3 = $447. Results may vary for customer specific environments.

Build Yourself or Hire No-Code Developer

Mobile App - 30 Min | No-Code APIs - 10 Min

With 3-Easy steps, build and launch beautiful mobile apps, ready with live data.

Kick-off with your App

Get on a call with our expert. Discuss on what you want to build. We will give you an estimated rough timeline and price, based on your requirements. Then start working with us. We will assign no-code developer to your app development.

Generate Flutter App and APIs

1. If available, Table Definitions will be Imported, else defined new using No-Code tools.

2. 1-Click Generate Code: For Flutter and APIs.

3. APIs: Generated code is deploy ready, just compile, package, deploy.

4. Flutter Code: is deploy ready, just compile, package, run. Mobile App with Live Data is Ready! App is wired to our no-code APIs. Build APK | Publish to Android, iOS Stores.

Mobile App with Live Data Ready!

Keep building, iterate development. You can track daily progress and chat with no-code developer. We will monitor and check in regularly to ensure everything is going well.

Key Features Flutter App
No-Code Low-Code Features

• Menu - NavBars, BottomNav
• Display - Data Table, List View
• Actions - Edit, Delete, View Record Details
• Forms - Input Form, Edit Form, DropDowns
• Search - Find Records and display, Column Search
• Media: Image Viewer, Video Player
• Media Handling: Upload From Storage,
• Or Capture Image or Video via Camera
• Device Storge, Global Variables, Launch URLs
• Mobile Notifications, Timers
Premium Features:
• Display Cards, Pagination, Filter Data Screens
• Graph - Prebuilt template for specific table

Low-Code Customize Features

• SignUp, OTP Verification, App Login.
• Security - Role/User based Auth.
• Add from templates of (apps similar to your idea).
• Start From Pre-Packaged App and Customize

No-Code Build, Low-Code Customize

Build Mobile Apps Faster and Save Money!

1-Click Develop New Mobile App, Flutter Code is generated, ready for deployment.

Get No-Code pre-built App with all Frontend UI Widgets for Flutter.

Low-Code customize to Build beautiful, usable products faster.

Customizations required are minor and can be accomplished in few hours to couple of days.

1-Click Develop New APIs, API Code for GraphQL or REST is generated, ready for deployment. Supports all data types and Files too.

3-Clicks Move Legacy Apps to Mobile Apps with Cloud based APIs.

Database to GraphQL API in minutes from

Oracle, MySQL, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MS SQL Server, Azure SQL, (DB2, H2, HSQLDB)

Get started on GraphQL without GraphQL expert, Save months of recurring effort.

Query, Mutate, Subscribe

query { 
	  (productId: 10) { 

mutation { 
  (productId: 10 ,  
   productTbl1 : { 
	productId : 10 , 
	productType : "Medicine" , 
	productDesc : "Ampicillin" , 
	}) { 

subscription { 
	  (productId: 10) { 
Flexible SQL-Like Querying

query { 
  ( searchBy: "  productId > 5 and  productType = 'Medicine' and productDesc containsIgnoreCase 'vitamin'  " , 
    sortBy: " productId Desc " , 
	page: 1, 
	size: 10
	) { 
Data Mesh

public List ErpproductTblDataMesh() {
  System.out.println("Data Mesh Source #1 Record Count: "+ErpproductTblList.size()); 

  // ---- Combine Data With ------ Get data from GraphQL API call  
  String get_data_url = ""; 
  WebClient webClient1 = WebClient.builder().baseUrl(get_data_url) 
  .defaultHeader(HttpHeaders.CONTENT_TYPE, MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE).build(); 

  HttpGraphQlClient graphQlClient = HttpGraphQlClient.builder(webClient1).build(); 
Built-in Authorizations

@PreAuthorize("hasRole('USER') or hasRole('ADMIN')")  
public productTbl productTblUpdate(@Argument("productId") long productId, @Argument("productTbl1") productTbl productTbl1)  
	throws Exception 

Automate full-stack development

• Save Costs & Timelines In Development and Coding of All Kinds Of Solutions built using leading stacks • Get Developer Productivity Boosted, Costs Saved

Our mission is to reduce developer toil, augment developer productivity, and empower "Learning to Code" developers to work well with their experienced counterparts.


What is EasyManage?

EasyManage helps you build Mobile App and Backend with No-Code. EasyManage Builder Studio helps you build frontend and backend, generating deploy-ready code.

**Frontend** | EasyManage generates a ready-to-use Flutter App. You can Low-code customize to build advanced apps and add integrations. React Native and Angular [Preview] Apps are also generated. EasyManage Automates Figma Design Creations, Now Create Figma Designs from your database tables in minutes.

**Backend** | EasyManage generates ready-to-use GraphQL APIs & REST APIs, for use with our generated app or any other mobile or web app.

**Run App with Live Data** | EasyManage automates frontend and backend integration between the UI and the APIs. You can deploy and test app with Live Data in minutes.

EasyManage Builder Studio Pro uses our latest innovative approach, which uses AI/ML tools to learn from your customized code or code in new language, and then transforms Builder into enhanced-builder-studio to generate customized-to-your-requirements code.


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