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Accelerate Cross-Platform Mobile Development
Use EasyManage Flutter No-Code Tools to build your idea with pre-built components and data infused widgets

EasyManage App builder:
Quickly build any custom business software with No-Code pre-built App Components that connect to any data source via No-code EM APIs.

Flutter Apps:
Build Flutter apps faster with no-code.

Next.js Apps:
Build Next.js, React apps faster.

React Native and Angular (Preview):
Boost React Native and Angular apps development with no-code pre-built components, from our preview releases.

Building mobile applications is super easy now.
Boost Flutter app development. Generated app components are hooked to our No-Code APIs.

Connect to all your data & information in beautiful app.



EasyManage products and solutions for No-Code / Low-Code development.

Mobile Apps | App Components

For Developers looking to build mobile apps faster and save money!
Get Usable functional App Ready

Get No-Code pre-built functional Ready App!
With NavBar, components for Input Forms, Data Tables.
Includes Dropdowns, Edit Form, Card View, Delete Actions, Graphs.

App Components

Get No-Code pre-built App Frontend Components for Flutter, Next.js React, React Native and Angular. Further Low-Code customize to Build beautiful, usable products faster.

Features: App Components

Use App Components to gain productivity, build native mobile apps for Android and iOS.

App Components - Flutter

Generate and use Flutter Frontend app components, Download code, Customize with Low-Code.

App Components - Next.js React, React Native and Angular

Generate and use Next.js React, React Native and Angular Frontend app components with Low-Code.

Connected to No-Code APIs

Frontend App Components are wired to our No-Code APIs.

Android, iOS Apps

Build native mobile apps for Android, iOS. Cross-platform mobile development is easy now.

EasyManage App Components

Generate pre-built App Components for cross-platform mobile development

Flutter App Components

App Components are made of high-level building blocks such as pre-built App Screens, data infused widgets and navigation.

Run live data app in minutes. They are packaged for an instant, ready-to-dpeloy, out-of-box app. And come integrated with our No-Code APIs.

They allow you to quickly build the frontend for your app, Download code and customize as needed.

App Components come stock with a number of parts, including Input Forms, data tables, navigation, query form, Card View, add/edit/delete actions, Graphs, Details Forms. They utilize underlying sub-components like Menu (NavBar), forms, tables, lists, Date Time Pickers, pagination, search and more.


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